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28.02.2019 Lifestyle

Saying No Is A Refusal Skill That Can Be Developed With Time

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Saying No Is A Refusal Skill That Can Be Developed With Time
LISTEN FEB 28, 2019

How many of us find it hard to say NO. Saying No occasionally does not make you feel most exceedingly awful of a human as sometimes it is necessary and needful for you say NO. How about a friend invites you for a party when you have a test the next day? Or on the other hand a sibling requests you try some marijuana to get high for the night. There is a unique aptitude one can adapt and make it a lifestyle and that is Refusal skills. You may be wondering what that is? Refusal skills as its self-explanatory defines are the developed attitudes, to say NO to risk behaviors. Risk behaviors are the consequences that may arise after indulging in that particular activity. For example, you fail your exams after that party.

Refusal abilities are approaches to state NO to hazard practices. They likewise can be utilized to dodge hazard circumstances. You can use refusal aptitude in a wide range of situations. You can use them to say NO to friends who want you to go to a movie as opposed to doing homework. You can use them to say NO to trying illegal drugs such as marijuana. You can use the following steps to develop refusal skills.

Look directly at the person with confidence
Maintain eye contact with the person convincing you to take that decision. Eye contact is a means of getting their full attention and accentuating your strong decision to them.

Say NO clearly and firmly
Let your NO be firm and unshaken. Saying No firmly certifies your choice and gives space for no further influences. For example, when asked to try alcohol or drugs, you state, “I’m deeply sorry but I don’t want to try it and neither do I want to be around you if you try it”. That’s a sound statement of where your opinion and decision lies.

Give substantial reasons
A few people might need to know the motivation behind why you are being gruff. It is constantly needful to speak the truth regarding why you said NO, that way your aims are not misjudged or misconstrued as being inconsiderate or pompous. Attempt as much as you can to be polite but then solid about your choice. For instance: Going to that party would mean failing my exams as I have to study adequately for the exams. I have to run myself through some test. This is my final exams and I can't afford to fail. So we can do the party another time if you don’t mind”. Or “Trying marijuana is harmful to the health and cause people to act in unsafe ways and most importantly, I love myself and the people around me to think of trying a dangerous drug like marijuana”.

Leave an Advice if necessary
If you think the activity is harmful to the individual, you can leave advice and encourage them to choose a healthier lifestyle. You can recommend better exercises that would be advantageous to both of you in your leisure time. It is in every case best to live and embrace great practices that empower your development emphatically.

Demonstrate that you mean what you say
Your words must be accompanied by some actions. Show them your displeasures and disinterest in participating in whatever consequential activity suggested to you. You can do things by returning straight home after explaining why you can’t go to the party or by not touching the marijuana. Avoiding the consequential activity shows how strong and serious about your decision to say NO.

Try not to alter your decision
Do not rethink your decision and consider your odd. When you have expressed your stand plainly, you don't have to thoroughly consider it again and be considering of going back. Altering your opinion about a solid choice of saying NO shows how feeble you are and once your friends become more acquainted with that piece of you, you are damned. Strengthen your choice for saying NO by not altering your opinion about the action that may hurt you later on.