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28.02.2019 Family & Parenting

Being A Parent Is Taking Responsibility

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Being A Parent Is Taking Responsibility
LISTEN FEB 28, 2019

A responsible parent is a pictorial of endless responsibilities until death. It has no end. Parents will forever continue to provide hence why they form a significant part of the family. There are times we go out to the boulevards and discover kids strolling the roads selling ice water and different things just to make some monies. Sometimes you begin to wonder where their parents are. Being a parent isn't just a crown one wears to exhibit masculinity or womanhood. It goes beyond it. Parenting I believe is the totality of wellbeing that is reflected in your spouse and children. These incorporate providing the physical, emotional and financial needs of the family. Parenting comes with a whole lot of responsibility and we would be looking at the totality of being a responsible parent. What are some of the characteristics that describe a parent?

Here are some characteristics to look out for;

A responsible parent has clearly established goals and values

Values and family goals are established and regulated by parents and most importantly followed by the family members. Every family has goals that incorporate the spiritual, physical, cultural and financial spectrum of the family. For example: in some homes, Sunday mornings are strictly for church service and must be obeyed by all. Or getting pregnant or impregnating a lady outside marriage is not acceptable. This goal helps to promote a healthy, social and responsible lifestyle in the family. Before this, a mindful parent sets clear objectives and qualities to control the family emphatically.

A responsible parent is self-disciplined
Discipline is transferable. Children gain proficiency with a lot of habits from their parents and along these lines, it is vital that parents are discipline with respect to time, healthy lifestyles, drinking habits and so forth. When parents are given to alcohol or drugs, they become violent to their children and they may not have a happy childhood. Discipline breeds positive outcomes in the family. Therefore, it's necessary to begin discipline and instill that same discipline in the life of the child.

A responsible parent understands the commitment

The family is accompanied by a lot of commitment be it financial, emotion or social need. Maslow's theory of needs clarifies these necessities better. A child looks up to the parents for a lot of things such as paying school fees, providing clothing and food, paying the bills, taking them out on holidays etc. These are activities that need a lot of commitment and trust. Responsible parents recognize these commitments are able to fulfill that part of the bargain without fear or favor.

A responsible parent makes time for family
No matter busy work is or occupied one is, responsible parents always make time for the family. They recognize that family is everything and something else is more important. When this attitude is built in parents, family members get to value family and put the family on the very top of their priority list. Consistent time is the thing that keeps a family together. Capable parents plan time for the family, for example, planning picnics, vacations, and family trips and this establishes a strong bond in the family.