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28.02.2019 Social Issues

What Men Really Want

By Kwabena Agyare
What Men Really Want
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To many, the issues I am about to raise are mediocre. A single post on microblogging site twitter concerning this sensitive subject got several reactions from many men which led to me concluding that in as much as very little is spoken of this matter, it is of great importance to the male population.

This story below was inspired by an incident I witnessed in a commercial bus {Trotro}.

"I was in a trotro to work one Tuesday morning and the driver of the trotro I was in made a call to a woman who I believe was his girlfriend/ wife/baby mama. Speaking in a sad tone, the driver complained bitterly about the woman's attitude towards him. Apparently, he had told her he was sick over the weekend specifically on Saturday but the lady never called back to check up on him. So he decided to call her instead. From how he spoke he felt bad about how the lady did not show any affection especially because he had told her he was sick.

Before hanging up, the driver said these words to her;

"If you had told me you were sick, I would have checked up on you every hour"



The truth is many men want the attention of whoever they are in a relationship with (girlfriends, wives ) but the problem is, our default settings do not allow us to communicate what we want.

Pride, ego and the fear of being seen to be weak are very few of the things that prevent men from effectively communicating what they want.

The media's stereotypical portrayal of men as strong beings is a factor that is causing many men to internalise a lot of their emotions and feelings.

The male being, since creation is regarded as emotionless or showing very little of it. Well, this assertion may be true but not entirely.

Let me take you back to the creation story specifically Genesis 2 verse 16 - 17. This is clearly seen in the creation story narrated in the Holy Bible. Have you ever thought of why Satan (Serpent) did not first approach Adam? Maybe he knew Adam would have reacted completely opposite of how Eve did.

Let's look at Genesis 3 verse 6. The Bible did not mention Adam arguing with Eve. Why because he add her where he wanted. Just like how events played out in the Bible, Eve succeeded in giving Adam the forbidden fruit because Adam trusted her.

Have you ever thought of why the ‘sugar daddies’ are spending so much on their ‘sugar daughters?’ Because the girls are doing what they like. It may not necessarily be about the sex for the men but the care, attention, and appreciation shown by these girls.

A woman somewhere thinks her man is cheating because she is not good enough when she has actually not discovered what men really want.

Bottom line is there are so many things men want from women they can't say for many reasons. What do men want?

· Men want to be checked up on. If you want a man to call you twice or thrice to check up on you, then you should repeat the gesture.

· Men want to feel they're wanted and appreciated. Men want to feel special.

· Men want to be cared for. In as much as we will call you, we would appreciate you more if the gesture is reciprocated in a multiplied way.

· The ultimate for every man is a woman’s respect and some good loving.

The little things you pay little attention to that you think don't matter are the things that do. Like, be the first to like his picture, 1st to wish him on his birthday .


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