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25.02.2019 Family & Parenting

Conflicts Arising When Flatmate Share Room Space

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Conflicts Arising When Flatmate Share Room Space
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Conflict in the home, especially among siblings or conflicts in institutional dormitory among students usually start with the smoke of irritations and distaste sparked up by the other party. IN life transitions, there are times we find ourselves sharing room with another person or even two or three people.

This unconsciously elevates certain space conflicts of which we would be looking at. If you have ever shared a room with your brother or sister or even colleague, you know that it isn’t always easy. Some issues that often cause conflicts are privacy, cleanliness, and visitors and noise. These contentions can be limited or disposed of when flatmate talk about their issues and build up some standard procedures for utilizing the room.

Right to Privacy

At the point when two individuals stay in a room, privacy is important. Privacy I would share is giving your flatmate the maximum respect by minding your own business. The fact that you are sharing a room with your sibling does not give you the right to search through their things or take their stuff without due permission. Another approach to controlling your space is to have a strategy that nobody can sit on your bed without your authorization If you and your sibling or colleague share a room, you will be more joyful in the event that you both consent to regard each other's privacy. You ought to consent to touching each other's things because that boundary promotes privacy of space. Flatmates ought not to read each other's journals or letters, or acquire each other's clothes or different belongings without consent.


Cleanliness they say is next to Godliness. That means even God acknowledges a clean environment. There are people who avoid grimy or dirty individuals. “Grimy” as utilized here will allude to individuals who leave their rooms muddled and messy. Some drop their work clothes on the sofa or on the door or even leave them on the ground. This scene turns people off. If you are living with a person who does not consent to cleanliness, you should need to reevaluate your furnishings course of action. This should be possible so as not to see their messy space. The principles of eating and savoring the room ought to be conveyed and acknowledged by one another. In the event that you are to eat in the room, you may both need to consent to return dishes back to the kitchen as quickly as time permits to keep different ants or creepy crawlies from discovering its way to your room.


This is a problem to combat, especially if your sibling disproves of guest coming into your private space. There are some homes, where flatmate does not allow a guest in their private room. Visiting guests is by all accounts a contention in space partaking in different homes. In a circumstance like this, the two flatmates should schedule a timetable that works best for you or the length of the visit to dodge squabbles and false impressions. You and your sibling might need to choose at what hours you can have an organization. You may likewise need to restrain the number of visitors or the length of their stay.

Noise and disturbance

Finally, another source of conflict is noise. Noising making can be chafing particularly if it's originating from your sibling or flatmate and you don't have a clue what to do. There are times when you are caught up with examining and the other sibling is having some piano sessions close by. This unique the examinations and makes it's irritating. Noise could be the tuning into radio, television, music or phone calls at wrong hours and times. Again, a schedule may help eliminate this source of conflict.

When you must share a room with a sibling, talk to him or her. Discover what issues are essential or important to each of you. Set some standard procedures, and conceivable record a timetable. Your room ought to be where you can unwind and feel safe, not a place where you’re constantly on guard from vicious pit bull-in-lip-gloss attacks.