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Sexual Tips For Married Men Only

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Sexual Tips For Married Men Only
LISTEN FEB 23, 2019

Marriage gives one the license to explore one’s sex life freely without fear of pregnancy or STDs, provided you are faithful to your partner. The issue of sex in marriage is an important phenomenon that cannot be overemphasized, neither ignored. We find married leave their marriage and in themselves enjoying ex outside the confines of their matrimonial home.

More and more advertisements are channeled towards sex and don’t be surprised that married men are largely connected to these sexual ads and they have the burning need for it. Many married men lack the knowledge in this area and guidance and therefore do not know how to satisfy their partners at home, but surprisingly find satisfaction outside this can be as a result various components, the lack of communication or low libido.

Although the need for sex is mostly physical, the desire for sex typically begins in the mind and travels to the body. At the point when the brain is invigorated by the object of its desire, it excites the body. Sex is a fundamental component of a happy marriage, yet it is something beyond a pleasurable calorie-consuming activity.

In the conjugal institution, there are things married men are to grasp to appreciate sexual euphoria and we will take a look at them.

Communication is always vital
It’s the central and focal point of every marriage. Couples should be free to express ideas and opinions of their sexual expectation. A few men feel it's the duty of the ladies to realize what's beneficial for her man and rather keep their emotions bottled in. This only keeps your sex life. Married men are supposed to communicate their sexual expectations with their spouse; how you incline toward your sex, what position you adore best and so on. Communication helps to break the obstructions that may demolish a once charming and enjoyable sex life. Wives are to do vice versa for a happy marriage.

Prioritize your sex life
Prioritize your sex life, and have it at least once a week. Some couples hate sex because one partner has a special expectation, a sort of sexual blueprint one must fulfill. When that plan is not met, one party is disappointed and looks elsewhere. We, as a whole have sexual expectations – there is nothing amiss with discussing them. Information is vital – you should know which part of your body is touchy to sexual excitement. Advise your partner where you'd like to be touched or fondled. We all have sexual fantasies – there is nothing wrong with talking about them. Knowledge is important – you must know which part of your body is sensitive to sexual arousal. Tell your partner where you’d like to be touched.

Find your unique sexual recipe
In the first place, the physical component is essential in a marriage and you will, in general, appreciates the act. With time, the physical pleasure disappears and expectations go higher. This is a place of candor if not properly managed. Towards the end of your marriage, for instance, old age drawing in, you won't make love as regularly as compared with the initial couple of months when you were newly wedded. You do not expect to find perfection in each other. You have to discover your unique secret. Something that keeps you connected even until old age. Finding that equilibrium is tough, but every couple has to find their own secret recipe when it comes to their sex life.

Send love messages to your partner
Sending a thoughtful message to your partner amid the day can help set the mood for the night. Sending your wife a message to say ‘Hey, I’m thinking of you’ or “I can't wait to get you wet tonight” is a good start. You keep her in expectancy on what would happen that night. Remember, you don’t have to ‘talk dirty’. Imagine how exciting it would be to finally see each other after work.

Good sex with your wife is due to a combination of the right factors. Make it work. Remember you do not need to look out to enjoy your sex life, bring I life in the comfort of your home.