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23.02.2019 Beauty & Fashion

Introducing A Beauty Product: Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Introducing A Beauty Product: Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream
LISTEN FEB 23, 2019

The issue of beauty products has come a long way where beauty items exclusively center around one skin concern. At this point we as a whole understand that aging isn't just about the wrinkles and barely recognizable differences, it dives deeper into overall skin health — skin tone, texture, elasticity, pigmentation. That is why we should pay special care to our skin and what creams help in finding against aging. While age could mean near nothing for some except for those you could see clearly on their skin? Aging might not be something we can control, but when focused on how it influences our skin and appearance is certainly feasible.

A unique product we will be talking about is Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream. Long name right? I thought so too. However, someone might as why lotus, well here is what Lev Glazman the co-founder had to say, “Having existed for over 138 million years, the lotus is known as a living fossil. Its seeds can remain viable for centuries, and an individual plant can be brought back to life. When I learned all of this, I became consumed with unlocking the lotus’ secret to longevity”.

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream, is an everyday lotion advanced with blue algae and fig natural product extract and developed using cutting-edge extraction technology that bridles the normal intensity of the entire living Lotus plant, works overnight to help lessen signs following every day stress and weariness for a young, refreshed, brilliant look as long as 24 hours.

Additionally, the cream is enhanced with the concentrated, cancer prevention agent Super Lotus which keeps up skin's flexibility and bounce, which helps your skin look and feel refreshed and de-stressed overnight.

Here are a few key ingredients you may want to know;

  • Super Lotus captures the entire lotus plant in one powerful ingredient that helps to hydrate, boost radiance, and convey cell reinforcement protection for an energetic youthful look
  • Contains peach leaf extract enables skin to look and feel invigorated ad refreshing all the time.
  • It also contains chamomile flower oil for its calming properties and gentle touch for the skin.

Wondering how to use it?
Apply to clean skin before bed.
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