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21.02.2019 Career & Money

Everybody Knows Their Talent

You Know What You Want To Do. Stop Being Afraid
Everybody Knows Their Talent
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You know what you love to do. You know what your creativity thrives on. However the problem with most of you is, you are too busy listening to the opinions of others, and following the trajectory that you think will give you a good life, money and comfort. However, like the bible says your gifts will make room for you.

Gifts and talents are natural. Whatever you have an inclination to do and do well, that gives you joy is your talent. Other people can spot it and often tell you, your talent makes them happy or fulfils them in some way. People will also tell you, your gifted in that area. Even if they say negative things like everyday you like doing comedy, you are not a serious person. That means you are good at comedy and entertainment. It's a talent.

Those that say they don't know their talent, are too busy copying others. If they are not copycats, they compete and are jealous of those who are putting their God giving gifts to use. They don't know who they are, and are too busy running away from themselves, to even bother exploring what they like and what fulfils them. If they stop and decide who they are is enough. They will realise naturally there is something they are drawn to and if they continue to perfect it. Their talents will bring them good fruit.

Know who you are, find what you do naturally well, like Paul said in the bible I'm compelled to preach, and perfect it. No one was born gift less. Your gift is a blessing to the world. Nobody's gift is greater than yours.