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20.02.2019 Beauty & Fashion

Did You Know Your Present Location Determines Your Clothing?

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Did You Know Your Present Location Determines Your Clothing?
LISTEN FEB 20, 2019

When you walk pass every street, we find small and large boutiques at every corner. This is to say that clothing forms a significant part of life. Even Adam and Eve had to cloth themselves with leaves when they found out that they were naked. LOL.

That Biblical allusion is to refer us to the reality that no one likes to walk naked on the street. There is this cognizance that we have to keep ourselves covered. No wonder mad people cover themselves to some extent.

Just as clothing is important, it is also regulated in some parts of our life, not by any specific regulator but ourselves and our choice of profession. If you are going to dress, you may really need to consider the appropriate clothing for the occasion. Realizing what to wear will enable you to feel great wherever you find yourself.

I will take us through some springs of our life and what clothing is demanded;

At school
Nearly everybody went through uniforms in school from kindergarten to the senior high. Most school has a unique dress code that requires their students to wear, so essentially what you wear to depend on your school dress code. These clothing are either provided by the school through a fee or parents are to have these clothing sown for their wards. With the girls, it’s either straight attire or a shirt and a skirt while the boys is a fixed school T-shirt and shorts or trousers depending on the school enrolled.

In the adult institution, such as tertiary establishment, students are to dress casually or formally depending on their choice. There are some students who go to work and come to school straight from work; they are anyway permitted to wear their work apparel in class. Other students who are full time, have no restriction to their attire except of course; the school shuns indecent dressing, that is clothing that exposes some sensitive parts of the body.

At work
There are different professions and with various clothing standards. Usually, one’s clothing is subject to one’s job. Some professions require individuals to wear uniforms, professions such as the police, army, mechanics, etc. There are some professions such as waitress, store attendants, hotel staff that require a customize clothing by the company. These clothing accompany work tags, business name and location and sometimes even the name of the staff. These times of clothing cannot be worn anywhere else except within the business environment. There are some companies that also require staff to dress formally to work that is the suits, heels and in some cases, hairstyles for women. Staffs must adhere to the organization dress standards to avoid suspension or expulsion.

At Leisure and recreational time
People have specific and defined leisure times where they relax and meet with people. In this case, the choice of clothing is absolutely yours except it’s a recreation one like swimming. You do not want to wear jean and t-shirt to swim. In other cases, when cleaning at home, you need an old cloth to do the cleaning. But most importantly, the climate can likewise influence your attire. If it’s properly hot and sunny, you might just need a short a light sleeveless shirt. If it's extremely cold, you may need a sweater or even a raincoat when it's raining.

At formal occasions
With formal occasions like weddings or funerals or parties, you may really need to look formal. Sometimes if you are to spruce up for a wedding as a bridesmaid, you may need to relax as the bride will pick clothes for you. Weddings come with dress colors so take note when attending. Other occasions such as funerals also demand to be formal. Traditionally, men wear black suits, red ties or black attire, while women wear a black dress. There are some funerals that demand people to wear white, example, celebrations of life if the person died at an old age.

If you are invited to a program and you do not know what to wear, kindly ask friends or probably do some research online.