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19.02.2019 News & Events

Have You Ever Tried VAGINNE For Your Gynecological Problems?

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Have You Ever Tried VAGINNE For Your Gynecological Problems?
LISTEN FEB 19, 2019

Girl up is a novel female gathering that tries to handle relevant female issues pertaining to the female reproductive wellbeing and sexual coexistence. This first edition happened at the AH Hotel and Conference East Legon of which I was privileged to attend.

Keynote speaker for the event was: Dr. Mary Dei-Zanga, CEO of Ropheka Health Centre and Foundation, and a renowned Holistic medicine specialist for fibroids, infertility in men and women etc. Other guest speakers present were; Ms. Queen Komoda, VP, Immeri Africa & Middle East, Mrs. Sandra Ayivor, Scientist, FDA Official, Mrs. Abena Ampofoa Mensah, Immeri Ghana and Mrs. Serwaa D. Gyamfi, Deputy Director-Admin/Legal, Ministry of Health.

Today, I want to share a portion of the female issues identified and the solution to that problem as discussed in the event. Dr. Mercy Appiah from the Pentecost hospital spoke widely about the female reproductive systems. She recognized by research the three most predominant issues with the ladies and they were; (1) abnormal smell (2) abnormal color and (3) abnormal volume. She further expressed that a standout amongst the most common issue as for female reproductive systems was Bacteria Vaginosis. Some causes of this disease, she identified include;

  • Unprotected sex
  • The use of antibiotic drugs
  • Douching which increases the vagina pH level leading to the harmful growth of bad bacteria

Some of the detections of bacteria vaginosis included light green discharges under the panty, a foul fishy smell, itching, and burning sensations while urinating. It is not surprising that according to research there are a lot of GYNAECOLOGICAL PROBLEMS such as menstrual irregularity, abnormal discharges, foul-smelling discharge, abnormal discharge color, abnormal volume, loose vagina, overstretched vagina, especially after childbirth, weak pelvic floor muscles, not feeling anything pleasurable during sex, painful intercourse, dryness ( Tissue lining of the vagina becomes thinner and drier. There may be discomfort during sexual intercourse and a tightening of the vaginal canal). Gray, fishy-smelling vaginal discharge that is worse after having sex or washing with soap, there may also be itchiness or irritation in and around the vulva and vagina. These are possible symptoms of vaginitis. Thick white discharge that looks like cottage cheese, may smell yeasty like bread, usually accompanied by itching and a burning sensation when urinating would propose a yeast infection.

Dr. Mary Dei-Zanga presented a remarkable item that has helped a few ladies battle these issues with no reactions at all. She talked to a great extent about Vaginne, a lady's confidant.

Introducing Vaginne

Vaginne is uniquely intended to safeguard and reestablish female intimate health. With Vaginne, an ultra-modern tube-based antibacterial gel with healing plants extract will put the splendid grin back on the face of a caring woman. This is used by women from puberty to menopausal stage. Vaginne, with bioactive ingredients, is mellow and non-invigorate, perfect and simple-to-use. Regular use of Vaginne is set to restore and maintain the proper level of hydration of the mucous membranes of the intimate area internally and externally for the whole day.

Dr. Dei-Zanga identified some benefit of Vaginne. You can listen to the full audio below;

  • Increase the inhibition of bad bacteria, thereby strengthening good microbes and enhances the self-cleaning mechanism.
  • It additionally helps in the repair of epithelial tissue, supports the ovaries, boosts nutrients, and slows down the aging process
  • It again enhances vaginal wall elasticity
  • It also improves sex life by eliminating odor and giving you a natural vaginal scent
  • Most importantly, it restores the normal vaginal pH of 3.5 - 4.4 which can also help with infertility problems.
  • Eliminate menstrual odor and pains that accompanying the cycle.

One may ask how it is used

It is a gel in a tube. Take off the cover and remove the lid at the back. Inserted the tube to 3 centimeters and use the cover to push the gel into the vagina and lay in bed for 10mins. It will be there for eight hours. Use one a day for 2 weeks and afterwards wait for a whole week and begin use after every 2 days for a maximum result. Don't use it if you are pregnant or in your menses. Best time to use is at bedtime. Additionally, you can have sex while Vaginne is working.- Dr Dei-Zanga explained with illustrations.

Women are focused on their reproductive systems because it’s all that constitute them so when it’s not probably given the needed attention it becomes a problem.

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Catherine Forson Agbo
Catherine Forson Agbo