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19.02.2019 Lifestyle

The Underlying Difference Between Amateurs And Professionals For Business Advancement

By Catherine Forson Agbo
The Underlying Difference Between Amateurs And Professionals For Business Advancement
LISTEN FEB 19, 2019

Professionalism skill in the work environment is a huge method for enhancing business. There are times individuals run organizations with their loved ones relative and these relations now and then hamper the business development, particularly when there is an absence of polished skill. Family and friendship matters ought to be set aside with regards to exhibiting models for the advancement of any business. One must do well to enhance their educational background and skills to suit and profit the business.

Amateurs just obliterate a developing business as things will be done unprofessionally and with lots and lots of mistakes. Businessmen and women want their business to grow, but how can that happen? You must first understand that if you trade services or products for financial gain, you are good to go. You are then a business professional. Despite what you do to serve mankind, you ought to endeavor dependably to be a business professional, not an amateur.

There is a thin line between a novice and an expert. What are these underlying facts? The Latin root of amateur if from the Latin word amour, which means “to love.” The amateur according to Latin description is simply someone who only does what he loves doing but a professional does what he must do. An amateur is just fixated on doing what he loves and adheres to being in that dimension, but the question here is, does what he adores doing fulfill the needs or demands of society? If it is a No, then there is for all intents and purposes nothing worth accomplishing. A professional then again, does not need to engage in a business just because he loves it, a professional is centered on accomplishing a defined objective. He/she gradually learns to love what he must do while enhancing every aspect of his skills acquisition because he/she upholds and maintains professionalism in high regard.

Obviously, there are times set for play and jokes, leisure activities, family and companions… indeed, but a professional draw the line between work time and personal time. When it's a great opportunity to work, everything else is secondary and when it's an ideal opportunity to be with family or friends, work is on hold. An amateur on the other hands can’t distinguish the difference; he/she can use working hours to visit friends and family for chatting times.

How do you know you are a professional?

Above all else, a professional is somebody who takes the necessary steps that he should do when he should do it. Timing is critical here. Individuals wind up making the best decision at the wrong time or vice versa. When you are given a task, do well to achieve it on time. According to King Solomon in Proverbs 22:29, “if you see a man who is quick to do his work, prompt to do his work, not when he feels like, but when it needs to be done, you are looking at a man who is going to stand with kings.” Promptness to do your work, to do what you have to do, not what you want to do, is the mark of the true professional. AS leaders, when this basis is set, subordinates are focused to emulate this work practice.

A professional doesn't search for the work he loves; Instead, he makes himself equip and skill proficient for any job that presents itself. He then makes himself love any job he finds to do with time. Columnists on radio and television are continually interviewing people about their profession to know to what extent people love their jobs.

Probably, you may be expecting them to list other professions, but they insist on their same professions. Why is that? It is simply because they have grown to love the work though that wasn’t the initial feeling. When growing up we as a whole had a specific calling we wanted to be nevertheless growing up we end up in an alternate area and gradually find ourselves appreciating that profession. There are many people who read a different skill in universities but are in different professions now.

As a professional, you don't look for any specific kind of employment you love - you figure out how to fall in love with your work. You may not begin off liking it, however by investing in your work, you start to adore it. I’m not saying you should do away with what you love, it could be singing, playing the piano and other inbuilt talents, but they can be an added advantage to doing what you must. Resist the allurement now to do only what you want and do what you must do and you will experience a fulfilled and impactful life. You must reexamine what you are doing and choose the right path to success.