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Broken Hearted This Sunday-Have A Read

All Things Work Out For The Good Of Those Who Love God.
Broken Hearted This Sunday-Have A Read
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Pain, heartache, frustration and depression. We've all been there.There is nothing new under the sun, there's a time to mourn, weep, rejoice, live and die. Heartbreak is carried by everyone.

Knowing that you are not alone should fortify you to persevere. I've been through a lot, when I was nine years old I was sexually assaulted by a man in his 50/60's. Who was a father figure and family friend. I was touched inappropriately constantly by much older men. I was kissed and had unwanted sexual attention.

However, by Gods grace. I am still standing. I've managed to keep my virginity to the age of 23. I've managed to not hate men or life. Even though as I grew my father forgot about me, and my mother carried the burden of raising me alone. I still chose to forgive and live, today I'm very close to my father.

I went abroad and faced racism, sexism, xenophobia and all sorts of things. I was bullied to the point of not having any friends till I was 16. I was told by the adults around me, I would never amount to anything. However, by Gods grace my testimony and my stories are being read around the world. I have been able to motivate and encourage people to live beyond their heartache and move on in life.

You have to dream, you have to move on. Press forward toward the goals God has for you. There's nothing left back there for you my bitter one. Everything you need is in the future God has for you.

If I have survived and come out with a testimony. So can you.

God loves you." ( Signed Anonymous)
Have a listen to this song by Esther Smith-Onyame Ben Ni and lift your spirit up.