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17.02.2019 Daily Devotionals

Help Is Available

By Ishmael Adjei Kofi
Help Is Available
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Memory Verse: Psalms 37:5 NLT

"Commit everything you do to the Lord. Trust him and he will help you."

The life of the believer is one that must be envied. Any true child of God who understands what it means to walk with God can never be disadvantaged. God is our helper. In this life, everyone needs to help one way or the other. God offers this help to anyone who is in need of it. But note the steps that one must take in order to access this help.

To start with, we are admonished to commit everything we do to the Lord. Committing everything to the Lord is a nice way of saying, truly I need help. God offers to help but this help is for only those who need it. I have seen people who trust so much in their abilities, talents, and gifts. They create the impression that they can always be able to perform at every point in time. Some also use experience. Our experience or talents or gifts must lead us to God who is the source of all that exists. Therefore let us learn to commit our life into the hands of the Lord. Everything we do must be in consultation with the Lord. Anything God approved, will have His backing.

In addition, we are to trust Him. Trusting in God is very essential for our walk with Him. How can one enjoy a relationship there is no trust in. Learning to trust God opens the believer into the realm of great grace and Wonders. Every firm relationship is built on trust. God is God with or without a man, we need to get closer to Him for our own good.

Finally, we are told that, 'and he will help you'. When we learn to commit our everything to the Lord and trust in Him, help will surely come. God has no problem helping us, we need to position ourselves to receive the help he is offering to us. My dear, help is available on every side. Call on the Lord now. You are not an island. Heaven is under obligation to offer you help. Receive help in everything you do, this new week in Jesus mighty name.

Remain blessed.