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The World Of Business: Supporting Your Entrepreneur Partner

By Catherine Forson Agbo
The World Of Business: Supporting Your Entrepreneur Partner
LISTEN FEB 16, 2019

Male entrepreneurs make extraordinary love partners if you know how to unlock their love and devotion for you. There are so many ladies who make life unbearable for their boyfriends who are business people. This is because they do not know who to think like one. Dating an entrepreneur means you have to be smart about understanding them and being their emotional bedrock. If you find yourself in a relationship with a business person you must know how to communicate emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially.

Here is a must-have guide on the best way to speak and support your entrepreneur partner;

Never question how bustling they are with their work

You ought to understand that your sweetheart is the boss and the lifeline of the growing business, so when things go wrong, he is needed immediately to resolve any problem that may arise. Whining about how busy they get can turn them off. Owning a business implies that the reality rests with the owner and he wouldn’t want anything to jeopardize that. So as opposed to griping about their bustling life, let them recognize how supportive you are to them. If its attention you need, be explicit about your emotional needs and be creative when flirting with your partner to get the attention you desire while honoring his business acumen.

Stay away from negative statements about their business

Business people have next to no resilience for cynicism as they have enough fear, doubt, future uncertainty and worry about their business. This can be sickling alone. They don’t need yours to be added to the heap considerations battling their minds. Your main responsibility in this relationship is to be supportive and encouraging as a lover by advancing the business in your little way, bring clients or customers to patronize his products or services. Let your positive words and attitudes soothe his tough days.

Try not put all your financial baggage on his shoulder

Being entitled and cocky with your business lover’s checkbook or bank account is a surefire way to leave an awful preference in your partner’s mouth and make him spit you out. When you do this, this could only make him stingy around you. Rather, you should be keen on whatever he gives you. Figure out how to state NO occasionally when shopping. He would realize you care about his accounts and you have confidence in sparing it for what's to come. The relationship is more important than any material possession, so keep that in mind that it doesn’t become your central focus. Be resourceful to him not problematic to his business success.

Avoid complaining about his time with his phone

This is the greatest turnover for most women, as they assume he is cheating with other ladies. Business people love their phones, avoiding their phone or email in today’s global world is like handing them a capital punishment to every business contract, clients or business proposal. In fact, they need that phone. Be considerate and understanding. Appreciate how hard your partner works. Being understanding and supportive when your partner takes calls, answers, emails, or texts will keep you connected in the long haul. In the event that he chooses not to accept a call as a result of you, be nice. Reinforce your love for him for choosing you at that moment and seal it with a soft kiss. He would welcome that nice thought and love you even more.

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