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15.02.2019 Health & Fitness

Hidden Causes Of Common Headaches You Should Know About

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Hidden Causes Of Common Headaches You Should Know About
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We all encounter headaches at one point in our lives. We sometimes finish a tedious task but have headaches afterward. Headaches are common illness which everyone experiences. They could be as a result of stress or something a more pressing illness. Headaches generally come in four different types, the sinus, tension, migraines and, cluster. People may experience headaches from alcohol, certain types of arthritis, acute glaucoma or other causes.

Today, we would be looking at some common causes of headaches and why we encounter them.


Hunger has a funny way of speaking to us. At some point, you believe you're debilitated however no, the throb is your body telling you to stop what you’re doing and get something to eat. Most people skip a meal for different reasons, for example, they are late for work, or they are trying to complete a project. Breakfast is something you shouldn't trifle with. If you skip meal, hunger can really cause pain in your brain. To resolve this slight problem, first, take in some water at that point and snatch a piece of fruit or vegetable or real food. If you need something really fast, try a glass of squeezed orange juice. It will give you quick vitality and energy.

Drug side effect

There might be times you are taking drugs but then despite everything you still have a headache. You just don’t seem to understand but it means you are not doing something right or your body is not adjusting properly to the medication. If you feel that a drug could be causing your head to pound, talk to your doctor. This might be as a result of the dosage. He might need to change your prescription or lower your dose. It is quite common to develop headache as a side effect of any medication. Be certain you generally take the recommended amount at the prescribed time. Changing doses and schedules could cause headaches. Abstain from drinking alcohol when you’re taking medication. The blend could bring migraines and other serious, side effects.


If you are building up an unexplainable migraine, check your environment. Is it hot in there? Did you know that heat temperature and direct sun is the ideal formula for a heat headache? The best solution for this kind of pain is to get out of the sun and bring your body temperature down to normal. Drink cool liquids and sit in front of a gentle fan. If it’s important you have to be in the sun to do a particular project, put on some sunglasses or a hat to obstruct the sun rays. You could also wear light clothing to prevent heat. Take a lot of warm water to adjust your body temperature. When you do this right, the headache goes away.

High blood pressure

I know some people experience high blood pressure and headaches are a common sign. It could be you’re stressed out. But this headache can be controlled with the correct lifestyle habits. In case you’re already on medication, try not to skip your doses and stick to the recommended prescription. Have a great deal of rest. If you’re not on medication, try and put this blood pressure under control. To do this, learn to manage stress situation. Alleviate tension and stress by working out, for example, taking a walk, engage in breathing exercises like yoga, and tuning in to cool music to relax your nerves.

A bad pimple

This is with individuals who have skin inflammation such as acne. Yea. You may have an awful pimple just close to your head and in your bid to break it, you may develop headaches. Try not to burst pimples; it would dry out on its own. You could discover other suitable approaches to manage it. supported