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5 Bad Lifestyles That Can Undermine Your Future Marriage

By Catherine Forson Agbo
5 Bad Lifestyles That Can Undermine Your Future Marriage
LISTEN FEB 15, 2019

Marriage is bliss when you are with the right person and you are extremely happy. A lot of things accompany marriage, children, more and more responsibilities, new attitudes and lifestyles. We most often pray and wish for the right partner to come sweep us off our feet. But have we thought of our very lives. How did we live it? Will my previous relationships have an influence on my marriage? What should I avoid doing in my present relationship if I want to have a wonderful and blissful marriage? We see marriages cramping today and we sit and wonder what happened? The issue of past disrupted relationship can undermine a future marriage. How? Take a look...

Negative family trends

There are some family drifts that can influence one's marriage in the event that they are not appropriately managed at the grassroots. For instance; Marian is from a broken home and he mum has separated and remarried multiple times, what thoughts are being nursed in her mind, that no marriage is worth any sacrifice? So you see that the family pattern proceeds into her new marriage. Don’t adopt negative family trends such as procrastination, pessimism, laziness etc, into your life. These trends may not help your marriage instead it may only make things worse for us as every individual is from a different family background. There must be a revolution of one's thoughts, behaviors and lifestyle habits. With Marian issue, she could attempt to make it work in light of the fact that there are a few marriages that have been there and still working it out.

Covenant Relationships

Lovebirds are to avoid covenant or pledge situations. Dating a young woman or man doesn’t mean you are already married to them. Anything can happen; People fall in love twice, thrice and others 5 times in their life. Love isn't what sustains a marriage, the capacity to endure, forgive and make things work is the key. It may be cozy now but that doesn’t mean it would tomorrow. So do not make any covenant with your partners because trust is a funny thing and they may disappoint. Engaging in covenant situations might only influence you when you wed someone else. You may not be upbeat.

Sexual addictions

Sexual addictions are the killers of marriage. Some people are so addicted to masturbation and pornographic materials and these addictions may hamper a good relationship in the future especially when your spouse doesn’t meet those sexual needs. You must understand that we are all different with specific needs and wants. Try to stick to one person and remain faithful to the person. Avoid sexually invigorating addictions that may not help the relationship.

Series of abortions

Series of abortion is definitely not good and some may have complications that may affect the marriage such as infertility, fibroids etc. Use contraceptive methods to avoid pregnancies you are not prepared for than engaging in countless abortion with a man who isn’t married to you. You wouldn’t want your future partner to suffer for your sins.

Having Sexual relationship with married people

Do to others what you want others to do to you. This resembles Karma. Having sexual intercourse with a married person is like playing with fire. They would never leave their partner for you as you are only a side attraction to their fantasy. If you wouldn’t want another woman or man to hurt you by sleeping with your spouse in the future, then don’t do that to another person. Having sexual intercourse with a married person endangers the success of that person’s marriage and it would only crumble. If it's not too much trouble do whatever it takes not to take part in this for the good of you.

Those are the major mishaps you must avoid for a successful future marriage.