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15.02.2019 Home & Food

Few Tips For The Food Shopaholics

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Few Tips For The Food Shopaholics
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Shopping is a crucial part of every woman’s life. A few ladies have specific days they go to the shopping centers. While others, shop for all intents and purposes each day after work. Well, there are various places women like to shop, some prefer the mall, others prefer the local market and some others, do it through delivery services. When I mean delivery services, you place your order for food items to be delivered to your home. There are essential guidelines you have to consider when shopping for food items and we will take a glance through it.

First shop for packaged and canned foods, then perishable foods last

I would state this clear as crystal. Canned foods can stay a very long time outside the refrigerator, unlike perishable foods. So when doing your shopping ensure you start with packaged and canned foods like tin tomatoes, baked beans, biscuits etc. then you pick your perishable or frozen foods such as meat, poultry, fish last. Always put these items in independent plastic bags or icebox if you have one to avoid drippings which may taint or contaminate other foods in your shopping cart. It is important to prevent the frozen foods from dipping or the perishable goods from turning bad before you getting home.

Make sure all lids are properly sealed

There are some items that are not properly covered, this may be due to a manufacturing misstep or someone may have endeavored to open it and take a smell of it but left it uncovered. These may seem unhygienic for consumptions as the food item may go bad. Ensure all covers or lids of packaged food items are properly shut and water/air proof.

Check for cleanliness around meat, fish or salad counters

This is critical particularly for people who like to purchase their meat or fish outside the shopping center. Here, you have to note that cleanliness is very important in counteracting the sullying of foods. Imagine you buy fish from an exceptionally filthy and dirtied environment, you return home and the primary thing your kid does is to take a little piece of it. This can cause food poisoning and lead to stomach throbs or diarrhea. The focus is on fish, meat, and salad because these foods are generally accompanied with flies and others germs when not properly handled. For instance, cooked shrimps lying on the same bed of ice as raw fish could be contaminated. So to protect your family’s health and wellbeing, ensure to buy meats, fish, and salad from an exceptionally clean and hygienic environment.

Ensure to check for dented cans or cracked jars

There are times, we also settle for other home utensils when shopping. Check things legitimately to abstain from purchasing broken containers, glass or mugs. These things are typically boxed and kept on a rack for procurement. So before paying for these things, take time to look through every glass, jar, cup and plate for cracks. If it’s not properly check at the buying point and you get home only to see the disappointment, note that not all shopping centers would take the items back after purchase. Your money should be worth the purchase.

Check expiration dates on products

There are a lot of food items especially canned products that’s expired on the market. Each item has a manufacturing and expiry date printed on them to avoid purchase when it content has turned inedible. When shopping, ensure to check for expiry dates because you wouldn’t want to take home an expired juice or food item. This may cause food poisoning and may not be healthy for the family. Also, with dairy products pick the one that would stay longer in your refrigerator.

Check for broken eggs

This is where most people waver. I’ve been a victim myself. When buying eggs or crates of eggs, make sure they are not already broken as this may convey a foul smell when kept unnoticed. I recall trying to frying egg one morning, after the first break, in a little bowl, I attempted the second and uh oh, the eggs was spoilt but I regrettably broke it into the good one. So an extra tip, before breaking or cooking an egg checks for its goodness. Pour a glass of water in a bowl. If it glides then the egg has gone bad, if its sinks down, it a green go.

Shopping can be extremely fun when you have a list to guide your movement. Jot down the food items needed before going for shopping to prevent extra time periods at the shopping centers. Have fun shopping.