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3 Valentine Treats: 24 Hrs To Plan It Right

By Catherine Forson Agbo
3 Valentine Treats: 24 Hrs To Plan It Right
LISTEN FEB 14, 2019

Today happens to be a weekday and work still goes on irrespective of the fact that its Val’s today. Even with that, business owners would demonstrate some love to their employees with a box of chocolate or a few keepsakes. With all that is going around you at the workplace, you got that special someone in your mind. What can I possibly do to make this day a memorable one? You may be wondering what to do on this special day. Probably you are lost in your thoughts about what to do on this special day. It’s never too late to plan something. You got 24 hours to make this day count, so make it worthwhile.

Dine out
Wine and chocolate: Both delicious on their own, but even better together! There are so many restaurants that have a special dish today compliment of the season. You could take her out for dinner this evening. Let her know how special she is to you and how your life has been with her in it. Of course, don’t just have dinner but accompany it with a little gift on the side. It can come from both sides. In this part of the world, it’s typically a man's commitment to take his woman out for dinner. Ladies, you could make it exceptional this year. He would truly welcome the nice thought.

Cook Her special meal at home
Both of you could cook together at home after work. Probably your wife does the cook all the time, why don't you surprise her by doing the cooking today. Surf the internet and find out how to prepare her favorite, speak with some female friends at work to assist you with it. Bring home some special gift, give her a foot massage after dinner and show her how much her love means to you.

Have a romantic film night
You could go to the movies. I trust the silver bird cinema would present a wonderful romantic movie on its list. Check it on their website and get yourself two tickets for the night. Take her to the movies. Or better still you could have it at home with some KFC or Chicken Fries on the side with just the two of you. Make the most of it.

Most Importantly, have a wonderful val's day