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14.02.2019 Career & Money

Use Technology To Develop Your Kids—EximSoft CEO

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Use Technology To Develop Your Kids—EximSoft CEO
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The Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Eximsoft, a Software and App Development Company, Mr. Gregory Nimo, has thrown a challenge to parents, guardians and schools to use technology to advance the intellect of their children.

Gregory Nimo is a Passionate Programmer who develops systems of various types.

He is a mobile app developer, web developer, desktop software developer, python developer, cloud servers expert and a religious follower of the late Steve Jobs of Apple and Bill Gates of Microsoft.

He loves Football and his Laptop only, aside from family.

The Eximsoft CEO believes that technology can make the world a better place, especially Africa.

Eximsoft thrives on ‘Creative Innovative Solutions.’

According to him, technology has offered a number of opportunities to people and children are no exception to deriving the benefits from this golden age of technological advancement.

“Children tend to learn faster when it comes to anything associated with computers, tablets and Android devices. It would therefore never be misplaced to give your children a head start and expose them to technology,” Gregory Nimo emphasized.

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The Eximsoft CEO, who was speaking to ModernGhana in an exclusive interview, said children will be well developed and more responsible on the internet when parents, teachers, and schools give them the chance to explore positives that technology offers.

“Exsimsoft is made up of passionate teams, ready to walk through walls and go the extra mile to produce innovative products. We are a registered business in Ghana whose core services are system developments, management and analysis,” he said

“As a result we thrive to be An Internationally Recognised African Powerhouse Brand That Contributes Immensely To Global Economy Improvement,” Gregory Nimo underscored.

He further added “our passion is meet to customers’ needs swiftly, creatively craft solutions that help to improve a nation.”

Gregory mentioned that Eximsoft is one of the technology companies that also helps children to be experts in computer usage.

“We have a training package for children between the ages of 6-12 as well as teenagers and adults who want to learn how to develop games, apps and coding,” he said.

He is urging all parents to let their children participate in an upcoming Coding training targeting children.

Enrol Your Kids for the Kids Can Code Now and make them experts in computers.

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Eximsoft Train Your Kids To Use The Internet Productively And How To Avoid Internet Dangers. Protect Your Kids On the Internet, We train Kids To Stay Safe On The Internet

Why Should Your Child Code?

1. Coding is CREATIVITY

2. Coding is DISCIPLINE

3. Coding is CONFIDENCE

4. Coding is HARD WORK

5. Coding is SECURITY

6. Coding is SERVICE

7. Coding is WEALTH

What Kids Can Do After These Training:

1. Build Their Own Games And Share With Family And Friends

2. Build Their Own Apps And Share With Family And Friends

3. Become Very Smart, Creative And Experts With Computers

4. Stay Safe And be Productive With The Internet And New Trends In

The I.T World

KIDS CAN CODE and be all the above and more.

Registration Ongoing ...

Lectures Are On Saturdays Only

Time: 10am - 2:30pm

Fee: GHC250 Per Class Level

Register Online:

Phone In To Register: 0275550510 / 0509936815 / 0244642327

Training Location: First Floor of Comzane Plaza, Opposite ECG

Training School. Tema Comm 6.

WEB: [1]