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The Imperfections Of Valentine

By Rashida Badiwe Abdualai
The Imperfections Of Valentine
LISTEN FEB 14, 2019

A girlfriend said to me in a conversation about relationships that until he puts a ring on it, her heart will multi-task as an extension board and power other hearts. Well, I can't blame her much for my great grand uncle once told me not to stack all my eggs in a single basket unless the basket is worth stacking.

My point is no matter what you choose to do with your heart, there is and always will be love in there for someone or something. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm still in limbo as to why there is a specific or if you like a special day to show and express love to people. If you are expecting me to give you a brief history of this supposed day of love, I'm sorry, you just have to google it.

Anyways, let me just put it out there for those who may not be sophisticated readers that this is my opinion, I know some of you are super fussy about this day. Growing up, Val's day to me meant wearing red on the 14th of February each year, then it moved to expect a white and red teddy bear and a plastic rose from a boy on Val's day, oh yes! I went through those phases.

Now, but for the commercial aspect and media hype that precedes the day, I doubt I'd pay attention to it. Please I have a boyfriend, who wants to make me feel special on the 14th before you start thinking for me, but you see, I feel special with him every day of our being together, our love should not be defined by another's culture. Again, love is in the little things I do for my friends, family and even strangers, Hence my hesitance to follow the status quo and acknowledge the day. Don't get me wrong, we are allowed to have preferences, this is more of a letter to my heartbeat, when you read this, know that everyday with you is gold to me, I leave you in the loving voice of simi who says in one of her songs:

“Lie to me, if the truth will break my heart o

Sing for me, even though you voice dey crack o

Dance with me even if you dancing off the beat

Take a chance on me, don't you believe I'm worth the risk

The one that makes you do things you thought you'd never do

Let me be the one for you.

Your everyday imperfections are perfect to me.”

-Rashida Badiwe Abdualai