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By Ama Bonuah
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Sometime ago, I posted on my Facebook wall that I wanted a description of love. A number of people recommended love poems to me. What they did not know was that I did not a writer’s exaggerated conception about love. I wanted a description of love from the natural place.

It so happens that each day, as I get to know myself better, I realise that I dislike exaggerations and gross extremities. They contradict something in my biological makeup. They tire me and that was why I did not want a poet’s or a writer’s high ideas of love. I was and still am tired of that.

As at the time I posted that request on my wall, I wanted to understand how the whole love process worked. I was just beginning to lose faith in the TV and Telenovela kind of love. They had become unreal to me.

Today, I decided to write this article because for some days now Providence is using one particular person to help me understand that which I sought to understand a long time ago.

Love is not loud. It is not even attention seeking. It is not that high noisy thing that makes you want to make noise about someone on social media just so your friends and followers will admire your lover.

It is a quiet fulfilling feeling that pushes you to pray for one individual. Just that individual! It makes you want to see them prosper, to see them in a good place. It pushes you to pray for them. Even if you are an unbeliever, you just find a way to pray for them.

It is a fulfilling desire to be believed, to be open, to open up, and to foolishly expose yourself no matter how much of an introvert you are without giving a fuck about what happens. And that isn’t reckless for someway somehow you know you are covered.

Love is that fulfilling feeling that squeezes your lips into a smile at the thought of an individual. It is a knocking at the heart. It is a longing of one piece of flesh to closely contact another piece of flesh. It is a longing to grow old with someone.

Love makes you want to wish death away, not out of fear but out of a desire to see more of an individual, to make more memories and share more laughter.

Love is not the expensive dinners and flashy gifts. It is the surprised “oooohhh” you give because you finally understood that someone has you in mind and at heart. It is the little yet memorable surprises, the silly non-funny jokes that are so funny.

At this point, I am finally beginning to fully understand the love I read about in 1Corinthians some years back. It is not critical, it is accepting.

Love is peace.

I could write and write. But all I will be saying is LOVE IS FULFILLING.

Yet, love is a choice.

Ama Bonuah