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Myth In Circulations About Men And Sex

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Myth In Circulations About Men And Sex
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There is a ton of misconceptions out there about sex particularly with respect to men. Sex is enjoyable, but when you are limited to the myth surrounding sex, you realized you become backward in thoughts while the world is moving fast. I have heard a decent amount of strange myths of men’s sexuality while in school and in my working profession.

These statements, however, are harmful our progression toward a more sex-positive and educated society Here, are some myth that has gone too far and I think we should take a gander at it presumably. This is an examination I assembled from individual interactions, and This is research I put together from personal interactions and other health experts from diverse websites.

Men are uncontrolled sex machines
The myth that men are just created for sex and they just can’t get a break from it. This comes to play when the vast majority trusts that once a man set his eyes on an attractive woman, his balls are automatically reset for erection. This is, however, not certainly true. Naturally, men feel the need to first of all bond, and build up a closeness with the lady first.

The need to create an emotional relationship drives him to start a conversation with her. The stress of trying to woo women through gifts and other things may just have incidental reasons. In fact, an ongoing report demonstrated that individuals, who trusted that they "must" dependably be prepared for sex, are bound to show erectile issues when contrasted with men who did not share this opinion. (Notre, 2006).

Penis size is a major determinant for sexual satisfaction

The idea of a man’s body size is estimated by his penis size. This influences the general contemplations and impression of how enormous a man is or little he is. Men are concerned about their penis size and a few nonetheless, rely upon other enlargement creams to ensure they are that big. Studies concur that how we feel about our bodies influences our sexual fulfillment substantially more than target physical attributes (Weaver 2006). Come to think of it, what influences this mindset? Many men are influenced by this idea because of obscene depiction like pornographic videos and other unrealistic impressions of what is generally termed as a “normal penis size”.

Content on media indirectly decides the “normal” penis size and make individuals trust that the length of a man assumes a catalytic job in pleasuring ladies through sex. Pujols (2010) was also of the view that body image affects sexual function mainly through the thoughts that dominate during contact. That is, when concerns regarding the body are so intense, then it is very possible that satisfaction will decrease. This implies that when you show too much concern on your body to the extent that you get distracted with from your sexual stimuli, it is at that point it is truly conceivable that satisfaction will diminish and dysfunction may appear.

Men always bring women to orgasm
Most men are fixated on accomplishing climax and this obsession I’m afraid, may actually reduce pleasure for both partners and decimate their sexual relationship. Achieving orgasm is not something programmed that you must be responsible for. This is a two-path action to accomplish as women have a role to play here. The woman must be relaxed and show her partner what she likes and share her sexual thoughts to him.

Communication is everything as you would know what sexual activity she enjoys the most. So don't feel you are bad in bed when you can't accomplish climax. The idea that men ALWAYS bring women to orgasm is however untrue. Orgasm is subject to understanding your sexual needs and being agreeable about one another's sexual consideration.

Anal sex causes hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoids are a common problem that many people experience but hardly discuss openly. “Hemorrhoids are very common,” says Will Kimbrough, MD a physician at One Medical Group in Washington, D.C. Many people will develop some form of hemorrhoid before age 50, he says. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) says that more than 75 percent of people will experience hemorrhoids at least once in their lifetime This condition is as a result of increased pressure in the veins of the anus or lower rectum which causes swelling. A popular myth is a perception that anal sex causes hemorrhoids but not sure once your anus is fully relaxed before engaging in sexual activity.

Anal sex will not cause hemorrhoids, as long as you take as much time as is needed and ensure your anus is completely loose and relaxed before locking in. Notwithstanding, for the individuals who as of now have hemorrhoids, anal sex can aggravate your condition. Repetitive anal sex may prompt debilitating of the anal sphincter, making it hard to hold in feces until you can get to the toilet. Be that as it may, Kegel activities to fortify the sphincter may help keep this issue or right it.

The above are a few misconceptions about men and sex. They are however untrue so educate anyone who pass these statement to you. It will help reduce the circulation of these myths.


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Catherine Forson Agbo
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