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09.02.2019 Opinion

Street Children And Stressed Parents Need Our LOVE This Vals

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Street Children And Stressed Parents Need Our LOVE This Vals
LISTEN FEB 9, 2019

What can we do to prevent children from starving to death or growing up as deformed children? Poverty can be defined as the inability to afford adequate food, shelter or clothing. The idea of what poverty is actually varied. Many poor families have difficulty providing basic necessities, food, shelter, and clothing for their children. Unfortunately, almost all cultural groups around the world have failed to solve the hunger problems in their various countries. Even in countries like the United States, with its relatively high standard of living, people still die of hunger and suffer from malnutrition.

At the point when families can't give their children adequate food, shelter, and clothing, the children face a crisis. Children who need essential necessities in light of the fact that their families differ from children who lack food, shelter, and clothing because of neglect and abandonment. Children who are neglected are without these things because their parents would not provide them. So if poverty is the problem by definition the parents cannot provide for their children, poverty often leads to other problems for children. We see them every day on street walks begging for money just to eat. Others adopt jobs such as cleaning your cars at traffic stand just to get small monies to buy foods.

Poverty is death itself as inadequate nutrition influences a child’s mental ability as well as their physical growth and development. What’s worse, some children do not receive adequate health care and may die of common malaria and other stomach illness. They cry in the wake of the night, their parents cannot sleep as their children shiver in all kinds of illness all because of poverty. This situations stress parents and may contribute to neglect or abuse. Poverty is also one of the chief causes of the homeless.

Children on the street merit the best from us all not simply the government. When we leave them at the mercies of the government, they will only die due to the delay in providing these things for them. We as people can help limit this issue in our little way. Once a while, we can cook something, gather some clothing and provide for these kids on the streets. Philanthropist can create warm accommodation to house these children on the street. It's unfortunate, today most people think of themselves, building skyscrapers and big estate to acquire more wealth while people are homeless and dying every day. Where are the foot soldiers of the nations, where are the kindest hearts of the world? These children need us, these stressed parents need us.

Val's day is just at the corner, this message is to help us understand our present need and find ways we could show some love to these street children with stressed parents. We can’t totally eradicate poverty, but we can make poor people smile even if it’s once in their lifetime.

They need our love this Vals, Let’s show some LOVE.

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