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09.02.2019 Beauty & Fashion

What Informs Your Decision For Apparel Choices?

By Catherine Forson Agbo
What Informs Your Decision For Apparel Choices?
LISTEN FEB 9, 2019

Clothes are entirely distinctive identities of ourselves. What you wear says a lot about yourself and based on that there are diverse factors that influences the clothes or dresses we were. For instance, in Ghana, a woman ordinarily wears Kaba and slit to church on Sundays, a trouser and top to the movies, a red floral dress or anything casual to eat with her beau, and a complete suit to work. Her destination determines what she wears. Culture is the lifestyle of a specific nation, however, I likewise trust culture can be limited to the lifestyle of a person. We will see a few factors that decide your decision of apparel in this piece of the world.

Cultural Customs
A considerable lot of our apparel is impacted by traditions. For instance, it is standard to spruce up for uncommon events. In Ghana, you hardly find a couple gets married in blue jeans and a T-shirt or a blouse. Traditionally, if it’s an engagement, people wear our local kente cloth designed in various styles or probably a combination of kente and a white cloth designed into a dress for the lady or something nice for the man. On the big day, we see the woman in an all-white outfit and the man in a suit contingent upon the decision of the couple. More so, Customs, of course, is not the same all over the world. In our country women wear shirts, but men do not. Contrarily, some men in Scotland wear kilts, a kind of skirt. One influence on clothing is the cultural ideas of modesty. In some Middle Eastern countries, only part of a woman’s body that is not covered by clothing is her eyes

Your Stylish Consideration
One of the most grounded inspirations in choosing a dress is simply the longing to please as wearers and to satisfy the individuals who see us. Clothing can positively affect our attitudes and increase our confidence in ourselves. This is an aesthetic consideration that is, one has to do solely with beauty. Ben bought a sweater because it had a striking design that he liked. He delighted in wearing the sweater and how he felt when he wore it. Kim purchased a dress since she thought it made her look attractive. Wearing the dress made her vibe, great, and this satisfied her whenever individuals around her take looks at her. You understand when you look great, individuals come around you to converse with you.

Why wear cloth you are not comfortable with? Comfort and satisfaction determine the longing of your fabric decision. You most likely have a few outfits that you wear frequently, these outfits are presumably comfortable and make you feel at ease. Everybody has a most loved clothing or dress they could never exchange for anything on the planet. The basic explanation for those decisions is comfort, and satisfaction. There are times custom is more important than comfort, especially where you have to wear that choir uniform every Sunday as against that beautiful dress you have in your wardrobe.

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