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08.02.2019 Touch Of Thoughts

Tip 4 Tots: Celebrate Parents This Vals

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Tip 4 Tots: Celebrate Parents This Vals
LISTEN FEB 8, 2019

Imagine what the world would have become if there were no dads or mums, a world without gatekeepers? Or models to raise us up physically, mentally and spiritually? I don't have the foggiest idea what might have happened to me?

My eyelids open at the very sight of one I can call mama. She was there for me and she cherished me genuinely. I was lucky not to have ended up in a toilet bowl or on the streets. It’s sad, others couldn’t get my life, though I had wished they had the benefit too. Dad was by her side every step of the way. I cried and snubbed severely, but that did not change their love for me. I rebelled and disappoint, but their affection was as yet unblemished. Even sometimes in my ignorance, when I wished they were not there, God closed his ears to my plea and instead all I saw was their earnest desire to get me the best things in life.

Parents are indefinable; indeed they are a valuable blessing. They never get tired of being there in the best and most exceedingly awful times. Even when we see the blueprint of our torments, pains and hurts in their faces, they stow away and give us that bright look, but deep down they wish they could hurt more for us.

The relationship parents share with us is one that impacts us for a lifetime. Their constant involvement in our lives has only increased our capabilities in health, emotions, intellects and our overall choices. God entrusted them with an irreplaceable and sensitive role to play in this world. Bringing us in here was just the beginning of an endless adventure to make us happy and fulfilled.

I would say even as an adult, parents are dependably our superheroes. It didn’t matter the school they enrolled us in, perhaps home education, or probably private or even public school, these choices they made was to shape our academic future. Of course, their constant encouragement and steady support made me better in class and positive about the world. They actively got involved in my life only to present me an independent and responsible individual.

God’s design was impeccable as he deposited so much love for us through parents. No big surprise they just can’t let us go when they first set their eyes on us. They overlook every one of the inconveniences they experienced for us in the 9 months. Hmm, I would have assumed we were gifts but literally parents were a gift to make us who we are today and we owe it to them. Let’s show them love this Valentine. How about, we dedicate our affection back to them on this merry season since they unconditionally merit all of it. Dad is my darling this Vals and Mum is my sweetest heart this Vals.