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Feb 8, 2019 | Love & Relationships

5 Mild Secrets You Don’t Tell Your Partner, Not Ever

By Catherine Forson Agbo
5 Mild Secrets You Don’t Tell Your Partner, Not Ever

There are some information or better still secrets you keep to yourself. You do not necessarily need to inform your partner, not on the grounds that these secrets will end up in breakups but rather protecting the feelings of your partner. Words and actions, however, displayed can hurt or please your partner. So it’s essential to best remain quiet about this little insider facts and be the stunning partner you are to them. These are anyway founded on my own understanding, experiences and that of dear friends.

Don’t tell your partner that;
You’re pulled into his/her best friend

Oops, it can happen to anyone but this peculiar to finding your partner’s best friend attractive in your eyes. You feel this inside fervor when you see him/her around you. It's not as if you are in love with them, but probably their body stature, or smile or even personality is simply so alluring, you always want them around. There are times you unwittingly flirt around them. This is something you wouldn’t want your partner to know. Knowing about your fascinations can make things awkward and cumbersome between your partner and their friend, and leave them wondering if they’re about to be exchanged. I call in my personal fantasy, so leave that as your little secret. Be shhhh about it.

Your parents/friends don’t like them
This is one condition individuals unknowingly fall into and destroy the verve between their partner and their family. True, there are times, our families/friends don’t approve of our partners for various reasons yet regardless of the case, it is not needful for your partner to know that. All things considered, this is on grounds that, naturally, people don’t accept change easily, it would take time for people to accept and acknowledge you in their family. When your partner is unaware of your family/friend’s attitude, you realize they become relaxed to be themselves and get along without an existing knowledge affecting their dispositions, perceptions, and opinions about your family. So it’s better off you keep that secret to yourself and instead let your parents/friends see that uniqueness of your partner independent from everyone.

You totally disliked the gift they got you
When it comes to gifts, everybody has an alternate assessment or taste for what they believe is great. So when your partner gets you a gift, whether you like them or not, try and be appreciative of the gift, If it’s a dress, wear is so he feels happy about it. Make a gesture of blowing them a kiss or give them a hug for it. Trust me, you wouldn’t want them to know that you don’t like the gift they got you. The kindest approach is to simply be gracious, say thanks to them truly, and use the gift make them feel comfortable.

You still stalk your ex on social media platforms

Clearly, most people check in on their exes sometimes, because social media makes it so easy. You are interested to know how their lives are going, their new girlfriends, new jobs, new home or new life. This usually happens unconsciously when you find yourself on social media. The curiosity to know all their lives pushes you to stalk them and with this, you wouldn’t want your partner to know, especially when they are the jealous or possessive type. This would make them angry and mulling if they think they aren’t good enough for you. Try not to put your partner in that position because it hurts really bad.

You have a crush on someone
Crushes are something other than being physically pulled in to somebody—they can likewise include fantasizing about what a relationship with that person would be like. It could be someone at work or in your neighborhood or even your gym class. The person is so your type and you begin to imagine how your life with this individual would be. It’s just a crush and bolstering it would bring consequences that may terminate a good relationship. Telling your current partner about a crush can severely offend them, so if you do need to process it out loud, consider telling a reliable friend instead.

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