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Feb 4, 2019 | Social Issues

Charity Organizations Somewhat Assist Government In Its Commitments To The Public

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Charity Organizations Somewhat Assist Government In Its Commitments To The Public

When most people say or think that there is a need to grow the economy, their first thought is that the government will fix it. There is a great deal of expectation of the government as far as enhancing the expectations for everyday comforts of the general public, establishment of facilities such as medical and educational infrastructure to advance financial development and furthermore to guarantee a sound monetary system. Taken all together, these contribute to growing the economy. But, in any case, it is not the full story. This is where a charity or non-governmental organization (NGO) undoubtedly come to play in lifting the mass weight on government shoulders as they attempt to improve the living standards in their own little way.

I remember working with a couple of NGOs and my experiences were different but overwhelming. There were times as a member of the Universal Light Media Foundation (UNILIME); we had financial challenges trying to reach out to the less privileged. Though accompanied by some of these challenges, the donations and support of these kids were breathtaking and fulfilling. UNILIME was specifically targeting remote areas where the flexibility for pupils to study in school was accompanied by harsh conditions. More so, it had the mission to empower the youth through various seminars and conferences. I think that was a great initiative0. Respect to the founders!!!.

Working with GLONEDHO, an NGO which was fixated about promoting healthy habits in children such as washing their hands before and after a meal was an experience I cannot forgo. So basically I would say I have had an experience in a strictly charitable organization and an NGO. Well, we can’t really distinguish between them because charity organization is still within the spectra of an NGO only that there are different visions and missions, but with one result, that is indirectly promoting the development of the nation.

So based on my experience, I wanna talk a little more on how these organizations promote development and the need for us to support them.

It is often mistakenly believed that charities or some NGOs and their volunteer activities are unimportant and of little result to a nation's financial and economic system of governance, but nothing could be further from the truth. In reality, charitable or NGOs activities make an indispensable commitment to the economic, social and political sectors of the country Ghana.

Charities or NGO provides essential services that emphasize the impact of the lives of citizens, such as building hospitals, schools, orphanages, and religious centers. Ghana is favored with diverse charity organizations or foundations who solicit for funds from a private organization and the general public to help the needy or less privileged in society. Some charity organization supports less privileged kids by enrolling in school, others provide foodstuffs and clothing to children on the street, while others create homeless homes to shelter and accommodate the needy individuals by making their lives a little comfier. There are some other NGOs that are more focused on health issues like glaucoma, hole in the heart, HIV, etc. They help people in the little way they can.

Charity or NGO advance the welfare of society in any regard. They form a vital partner to the government, including personal empowerment and training, fighting poverty combating social diseases such as drug abuse, prostitution, frustration, and others. The government can’t tackle the entire social and economic issues hindering the development of the society, consequently, the role of charity or NGO come as fundamental insurance in lighting the burden on government commitments.

These organizations additionally help in promoting the safety, value and supporting the pillar for a country’s security due to the preventive roles it plays in battling stereotyping, terrorism, criminal acts, radicalism and the infringement of human rights of individuals. Such work is particularly focused on the individuals who are especially helpless against crime inferable to poverty and harsh conditions.

Big Ups to all Charity Organizations and NGOs in Ghana as we build the nation together.

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