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Foods To Jumpstart An Increased Sperm Count

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Foods To Jumpstart An Increased Sperm Count
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I will begin with a quote from Kshitiz Murdia, a leading fertility expert who shares an expert opinion on fertility in men. "Men should know that the health of their sperm is an extremely important factor in getting a woman pregnant. And there are three main elements which determine the health of sperm cells: sperm quantity, sperm quality, and sperm motility,"

Some men are so scared they try every treatment in the world to increase their sperm count. You can start small by paying key attention to your diets. It has been discovered that foods like banana, egg, and garlic can help improve sperm count. Nobody said infertility is always treatable; it can at times be enhanced with a healthy diet, supplements, and other lifestyle strategies. Here are a few foods that improve fertility in men by simply boosting their sperm counts and volume.

Eggs are your insurance to a healthy increase in your sperm count. Stuffed with nutritious protein and vitamins like Vitamins B12 and E, eggs are viewed as an incredible choice to increase sperm count. Try to eat boiled eggs with the yoke in them, as the yoke has of the egg is referred to contain fertility boosting nutrients.

Garlic for many years has been related to sperm boosting. Garlic incorporates Allicin and Selenium- which helps with enhanced blood flow to protect sperms and improve sex organs and contains a kind of natural oxidants that improved sperm mobility respectively. Among its numerous properties are vitamin B6 and selenium, the two of which improve healthy sperm production. This unique food spice allows for better blood flow to the male’s testicles. So for increased sperm count, make sure to include garlic in your meal.

Our previous articles talked extensively on how banana improves the sexual life and also acts as a determining factor for the sex of a child. Do not want to delve so much here. Banana is a fruit that has super rich nutrients and natural anti-inflammatory enzymes which improve healthy sperm production and volume. It has also proven to increase sperm production in men. supported

Catherine Forson Agbo
Catherine Forson Agbo