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30.01.2019 Home & Food

5 Tips By Which Your Eating Habits Should Coordinate Well On A Formal Table

By Catherine Forson Agbo
5 Tips By Which Your Eating Habits Should Coordinate Well On A Formal Table
LISTEN JAN 30, 2019

Eating out is enjoyable. When you eat at an eatery, you get an opportunity to attempt new dishes. There are a few kinds of fast-food restaurants, if you are eating at a formal place, your habits or eating manners should properly match the occasion. This sells you as a mannered and a well-respected person.

Wash your hands before eating
Right from childhood, we were instructed that washing our hands is an essential need before placing foods in our mouth. This is generally accepted and spoken, to teach us that hygiene prevents us from sickness. Before sitting at a table, you should remember that your hands might touch something it shouldn’t, or you might have shaken someone whose hands were unclean. Washing hands keep germs from getting into your body. More so, washing hands make you comfortable to pick food on the plate with your fingers. Some food may not necessarily demand you touching but rather no one can tell when your fingers grab a specific food on your plate, like a chicken slice. Stay healthy.

Dispose of chew gum before sitting at the table

It is important that you remove chewing gum before eating; this is to help you appropriately discard them before sitting at the table. Bringing the chewing gum to the table may appear disturbing at the table and what’s worse; you might be compelled to have them stuck up under the table. This act is an unacceptable table manner. Chewing gums may also disrupt your appreciation for the meal. Ensure you discard chewing gum somewhere around 10 minutes before supper, to set you up for that sumptuous meal.

Do not talk while your mouth is full of food

Most of us are guilty here yet is commonly inadmissible. Try not to talk when your mouth is full. Talking while your mouth is full may stifle you. Imagine been choked and end up coughing in front of everybody present. This will only make people lose enthusiasm for eating. Therefore, mind your manners.

Do not bite food with your mouth open
Well, it’s almost like the initial submission, aside from talking while your mouth is full, you should attempt as much as you can to abstain from chewing food with your mouth open. This is to avoid spitting out food onto the table. You may unconsciously spit out food at someone close to you. You chew food with your mouth closed and talk once you are finished eating.

Do not use your fingers except to eat finger foods

See why it's vital to wash your hands. There are several restaurants that make provision for you to have your hands washed. Ensure to wash your hands properly when eating finger foods. Finger foods could include chicken fries, French fries or pizza. You may use tissues alright, but it doesn't cover your hands totally. With foods likes banku and okra soup, or fufu and soup or other soupy foods, you are free to also use your hands. In the Ghanaian setting, well-eating fufu or banku with spoon or fork, especially in public is gruesome, since it’s a food that demands the use of your fingers.

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