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27.01.2019 Opinion

Black Is Dope, So Rock It

By Catherine Forson Agbo
Black Is Dope, So Rock It
LISTEN JAN 27, 2019

In the present society, the shade of one's skin characterizes how far one would go in accomplishing their goals. “Fairness” or “light-skinned” is viewed as alluring and wonderful and along these lines, they believe that in order to gain the attention of loved ones, to be favored for a job, or even win a beauty pageant, one has to be fair. As a result of this, whitening creams and lotions have found their way into the Ghanaian market.

It is, in any case, astonishing to note that the word “bleaching which was associated with women and has broken precincts by men as some men have developed the propensity of bleaching their skin. Africa is widely referred to as the Blacks, but it is shocking to note that less appreciation has been placed on the color, black. The black nature (melanin) of the skin is placed there for a purpose since God in his endless shrewdness favored Africans with melanin, which absorbs the ultraviolet rays and shields the skin from untimely premature aging evident in wrinkling.

I recall one of the auditions for Miss Ghana’s beauty pageant some years back. Some ladies were actually turned away because of their fake lightened skin. At a point, a lady was questioned about it, she stated that her cosmetologist recommended a specific cream that could control the rashes all over her face. Later, she realized that her face had become fair so she decided to bleach the entire body in order for it to look even.

What is the job of a cosmetologist? What changes cosmetologist choice to encourage young women to bleach their skin? Are there phony cosmetologists? Are people who sell cosmetics and lotions, referred to as a cosmetologist? The impacts of brightening the skin are not implausible.

How can we promote the true Black skin color if the very people who are to manage the problem are self-indulgent in it? At this juncture, would the ban of bleaching creams infringe on the rights of individuals even if it is meant to protect them? Join the discussion on our website page!

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