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Daily Devotionals | Jan 22, 2019

The Tower Of Babel 3 (The Power Of Unity)

Ishmael Adjei Kofi
The Tower Of Babel 3 (The Power Of Unity)

Day 9
Memory Verse: Genesis 11:6 NIV
"The Lord said, 'If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them."

All over the world, there have been several articles written in respect to the role of unity. Many organizations including churches hold seminars from time to time with the purpose of igniting unity in their institution.

Unity is central in the performance of any group. Organizations may have the best experts in their field of operations but without unity, they can never reach their goals to the full.

We see in the story of the tower of Babel that although the people had a wrong intention and a wicked agenda, they had unity of purpose which took God coming down from His dwelling to stop them. I have always believed that if our politicians will join forces in unity after every election and work together for the common good of mother Ghana, we will progress on every side by God's grace.

We need to learn to speak the same language. In our marriage life, the man and wife must learn to speak the same language. Where there are children, the family must speak the same language. In our churches, leadership must speak the same language. We should not allow expressions that breed disunity.

The enemy to unity is a misunderstanding. Any time we misunderstand an action, it creates an impression. I pray the Lord helps us to unite in order to do well in all our endeavor.

Remain blessed.

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