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Jan 20, 2019 | Lifestyle

From Two Years of Rewarding Excellence to One Year of Tasting Love - The Story of a Boss

From Two Years of Rewarding Excellence to One Year of Tasting Love - The Story of a Boss

Before falling in love he was loved by many media personalities three years ago when he introduced the Eastern Region Media Excellence Awards (ERMEA).

Where for the first time in the history of Eastern Region, the hard work of media personalities will be rewarded.

And yes the entire region embraced a world-class corporate Awards event aimed at celebrating excellence in Radio Broadcasting in the Region and beyond.

The event, Eastern Region Media Excellence Awards is well planned and executed by a team of professional event planners who really understand the philosophy of the premises of the Eastern Media

Trust me the maiden and the second edition was something to be proud of, successful endings.

After rewarding others it was time to reward himself, and he had the perfect reward, a person he described as a personal assistant, a mother and a sister, a coach and a lover.

Wait you don't know the person right, anyway, he is the boss of Event Plus Ghana the organizers of Eastern Region Media Excellence Awards (ERMEA) Mr. Clement Owusu Adjei.

A young man who brought hope to the Eastern Media is celebrating one year of tasting love.

Not only is he good in organizing events but he is good in expressing his love, today he is celebrating the love of his life Mrs.Gloriana Owusu Adjei.

Below is all he has to say during one year of tasting love.

"On our Wedding Anniversary

It's hasn't only been a year of being good partner but a 365 days staying closer than ever

I wish I could write you the world's best lyrics but what's there that you don't just know

A mother in a sister, a wife in a cousin memories today flahes back of how good you've been to me

In all the ashes and bashes, through all the tears you've bear all with me.

The past 52 weeks has been the best ever I have experienced in life

The ups and the downs, the pains and the sorrows, the worry and the wearies you've been there to hold me up

What better choice could I have made than to make you my wife

There's no better place to say this than to tell the world

Thank you for loving me

Your husband

Mr. Clement Owusu Adjei


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