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This Lady’s Weight Loss Journey Will Amaze You

Nov 21, 2018 | Sarah Dankwah Jeremie
This Lady’s Weight Loss Journey Will Amaze You

Three years may seem like a long time but the results are certainly worth it. The lady said she used to be looked down upon by people and they called her names, now a lot of people envy her and she looks more beautiful than ever.

She amazingly lost 300 pounds since she started her weight loss journey in 2015. Just a space of 3 years

In 2015 I Was 550 Pounds & Now I Weigh 210 Pounds.. I’m Almost In The 100’s Baby!!! Shitting On You Hoes & Every Mf Who Doubted Me Or Called Me Names.. It’s My Time Now #WeightLossGoals #Determination #IDIDTHAT

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quot-img-1wherever determination exists, failure can never dismantle the flag of success.

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