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How harry's post-shave mist calms irritated skin

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How harry's post-shave mist calms irritated skin
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Shaving my head was the best thing I've ever done for myself, physically and mentally (well, besides losing 100 pounds, but that took a lot longer).

I started balding as a high-schooler (thanks for the genes, Dad!) and as soon as the first hint of hair hit the ground, I was self-conscious. I worried a lot about looking older than I was, about the many stigmas surrounding being bald, and bought every anti-balding shampoo I could - all before I was 21.

And honestly, I had plenty of reason to worry: I looked horrible. Balding isn't exactly a good look, especially on me. I wore a Yankees hat 24/7 for years and I don't even care about baseball.

Shaving my head at age 23 solved the problem of being insecure about my patchy hair and my physical appearance, but it did open me up to one irritating problem - literally.

I'd shaved my beard for years and had experience dealing with that type of red, itchy irritation. I had an arsenal of handy products to combat that.

But I had few solutions to the post-shave bumps, burn, redness, and in-grown hairs that accompanied shaving my head.

My skin is sensitive, especially on top of my head. It's dry and it sometimes breaks out, especially after the annoyance of shaving. That said, it's not like I could quit shaving. I look damn good without hair.

The solution to my problem came in the form of a spray. Well, a fine mist, technically. The Harry's Post-Shave Mist has eliminated my worry about post-head shaving irritation.

The mist uses botanical extracts like aloe and seaweed, to calm and cool uncomfortably hot, angry skin. They relieve irritation, they're alcohol-free, and they smell great, which is always a bonus.

After I shave my head (which I do once or twice a week), I apply Abercrombie's Moisturizing Shave Balm and then spray the ultra-fine, lightweight Harry's mist on top of my head three to four times. I let it and dry and then go about my business without worrying about looking like my scalp has been mauled by a cat or blasted with blisters.

It's an easy, affordable solution to a problem I never knew I'd have and it's become a staple of my grooming routine. Particularly sensitive when shaving my beard? I'll use it all over my neck or face, too. No worries.

I've been self-conscious about my scalp for so long. First it was because of balding, then it was because of irritation. Luckily, both of these stages have had solutions (shaving and the perfect mist, respectively). Now I can just focus on what I know to be true: bald is the best I've ever looked.

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