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Oct 12, 2018 | Beauty & Fashion

Ghana's Best Designers Showcase Amongst The French Ambassador At Accra Fashion Week

By Modern Ghana
Ghana's Best Designers Showcase Amongst The French Ambassador At Accra Fashion Week

Accra Fashion Week makes history as the first ever national fashion week in Africa (outside of South Africa) to go twice a year putting Ghana on the forefront of the fashion map. The just ended fashion event, dubbed the Summer Harmattan edition took place at the CFAO with a spectacular set of talented designers.

In attendance were various celebrities such as Magaret Murray, Adina Thembe, Pascaline Edwards, Lydia Forson and more. The highlight was a surprise attendance by the French ambassador to Ghana Anne Sophie Ave who came to witness trend stetting clothes, and even took to the backstage to meet students of Imperial College of Arts.

The objective of Accra Fashion Week is to take real life African talent and turn them into social trends with the right support and mechanism of the fashion industry behind. Guests flew all the way from China, Sweden and more to enjoy the designs by major brands such as Mish Mega, Bri Wireduah, Aphia Sakyi, Madyln Mode, Afre Anko, Netseba, MXDonna, Abass, Salim Signature and more.

Clothes will soon be available to shop online at

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