5 Lies Ghanaian Women Tell Most Of The Time

By Kwadjo Panyin
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LISTEN SEP 7, 2018
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Ah, Ghanaian women. So sexy and spicy! So cultured and mysterious!

Here is the deal, Ghanaian men, myself included, lie fifty times more than our women. The difference is, our lovely Ghanaian ladies get away with more lies.

Ghanaian women are good but every now and then, they just have to lie to us.

Here are some of the most common lies our Ghanaian sisters tell us.

1. I am Single
Ah! This one is the oldest and longest running lie some Ghanaian women tell. Sure, I believe you, Madam but I know how much you love attention. You probably have “boyfriends” you can’t claim as of yet. This lie is perfect for some Ghanaian women who are dating but want to keep their options open. It could also be that the person she is seeing is not technically available.

While we are on the topic, let me add this note. Every time a Ghanaian woman says she has a serious boyfriend, I cringe.

All I hear when the word “serious boyfriend” is unleashed is, I have one serious boyfriend and three others who are not that serious. If I have to be honest, I have to count the Momo boyfriend, the university boyfriend, and the long-distance boyfriend.

2. I’m on my period
Fellas, we all know this lie comes along when our Ghanaian sisters want to string us along for all sort of goodies including dinner dates, shopping, favors, cash but do not want to give up the tushie. Here is the brutal truth though, Ghanaian women don’t owe us crap after we do favors for them.

Sometimes we fellas are to blame for this lie. Some of us aggressively chase our women during the courtship phase and turn them off with our approach. Women come prepared to give us some but our aggression leads them to start seeing non-existent red everywhere. “I’m on my period’ will continue to be on the list of lies Ghanaian women tell and there’s no end in sight.

3. I’ve slept with only two men
I’m still trying to figure out why some Ghanaian women always pull out the number two when asked how many men they’ve slept with. Two must be a safe number. I’ve met a few sisters who have disclosed a number higher than two but they never exceed four or five.

I guess our Ghanaian women only count past serious boyfriends sex and leave out one-night stands, the Royal Senchi weekend getaway sex, the flings, Momo boyfriend sex, sex they wish they can take back and encounters which occurred during their university days. All I know is if a Ghanaian woman says she’s only slept with two men, chances are, she is either rounding up or down.

4. He’s just a friend
When a Ghanaian woman says “Oh, he’s just a friend,” take it with a mountain of salt, not a grain of salt. Fellas, we know ourselves. We know most of our female friends are women we are just waiting to bend over a table when the opportunity presents itself. The thing is, our lady “friends” know our intentions too.

Sometimes sex has already occurred and we are now good friends. Shoot, I’m still friends with quite a few women I’ve been with. I will prefer an answer which goes like; “yes, he’s a friend but he did hit on me before and will not hesitate to stick it to me should I drop my panties.”

5. It was on sale
Trust me on this one, it probably wasn’t on sale. Don’t get me wrong, Ghanaian women know how to seek great bargains while shopping. However, everything they purchase is a sale even if it was bought at full price. When it comes to shopping, Ghanaian men tend to have trouble wrapping their heads around the cost so the “it’s a sale” lie will always sound good and be accepted.

Next up, 50 lies Ghanaian men tell ALL the time!

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