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Lharley Lhartey Was Part Of The Glitz Awards Winners But Did She Have Advantage Over Other Nominees?

By Portia Arthur -
Lharley Lhartey Was Part Of The Glitz Awards Winners But Did She Have Advantage Over Other Nominees?
LISTEN SEP 3, 2018

We wish Lharley all the best and we expect her to give us diversity and live up to the task ahead until the next nominations comes out.

Lharley Lhartey is a young Ghanaian woman who has a passion for fashion and hopes to make Ghana proud with her beauty and high fashion sense.

She has created a niche for herself. Some people call her the lady with short and stunning sunglasses. And a colorful side bag. Give her these fashion accessories and with the directions of a good photographer, she will give you an iconic pose and a lovely photo.

Give accolades to those who deserve it. Lharley has really done well for herself over the past few years and she really knows to hunt for or let's stay hang around great influencers like High Royal Blackness, KKD, Claudia Lumor, Brommon among others.

Glitz Style Awards is one of Ghana's prestigious fashion events that we proudly call our own due to its organization, credibility, and power to sell Ghana to the rest of the world.

Celebrities and fashion lovers always look up this event because earning a nomination even shows that you have finally arrived on the Ghanaian fashion scene.

The organizers introduced a new category this year: 'Rising Style Influencer'. A lot of attention automatically dawned on this category because so many young fashionistas have popped up on the scene and people eager to know who will scoop this award.

Lharley, Kinorah Awini, Papa Oppong and Debbie Beeko were nominated for this category. When we saw the nomination list, it was very obvious the organisers created a mismatch with the nominees in order for her to win.

Here are some pointers:

Hosting of Glitz Africa events

Out of the four nominees, Lharley has had the honor of hosting events for Glitz Africa where Ghanaian celebrities and other dignitaries were present giving her a little privilege over the others. According to reports, 2 of such event this year so far and she handled the mic with intelligence and style.

The face of Girl Talk

Find spare time and check the people who have liked her photos on Instagram. You will lose count of the number of Ghanaian celebrities there.

At least once every month, she gets the opportunity to meet A -lister celebrity who is celebrating their birthday. She creates the rapport and boom, she gets invite to star-studded events.

Papa Oppong was nominated in the wrong category

Papa Oppong is a talented fashion designer and illustrator and should have been in the category for emerging designers.

He bombards Instagram with beautiful graphics of the likes of Kelly Rowland and Rihanna, of which Kelly Rowland retweeted and Rihanna faved on Instagram.

One of Ghana's prestigious fabric brand, Vlisco has featured one of his sketches on their Facebook page. He has also released impressive collections.

Kinorah Awini is a self-made style influencer

Kinorah Awini is a food blogger and a self-made style influencer.

She owns telandeworld, a food network where local dishes are prepared with a touch of a contemporary twist. We think she is a self-made because she dresses fabulously at her own expenses.

Kinorah doesn't wait for events before she contacts a designer to make her stand out in awesome dresses. She doesn't take studio photos, just a beautiful image with her porch phone.

The food goddess has tried and tested all the fashion styles available from chic street style to corporate, red carpet to slay queen and she looks good in all.

Debbie Beeko is an editorial makeup

She is an outstanding makeup artist with a great love for fashion. As they always say, appearance speaks a lot about people.

If you want you celebrity clients to take you seriously, you must always look good.

Although the Papa Oppong, Kinorah Awini and Debbie Beeko are great players in the fashion industry, where they were nominated clearly took them out of the reckoning to win. Papa Oppong dreams of breaking barriers to be like Virgil Abloh probably.

Kinorah is busily tasting different recipes across the world to satisfy her customers and Debbie is on the quest to teach young ladies how to apply makeup effortlessly. Fashion just happens to meet these women along the way.

We wish Lharley all the best and we expect her to give us diversity and live up to the task ahead until the next nominations come out.

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