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Aug 28, 2018 | Family & Parenting

Mothers, Teach Your Sons Basic Rudiments Of Cooking, And Fixing Themselves After Up!!

By PG Sebestian
Photo - Shutterstock
Photo - Shutterstock

Mothers, train your sons the basic rudiments of cooking, and teach them to clean after themselves!!! Selah!

What do you expect his future wife to eat when she goes out and comes back late, hungry and with a salary that is twice what Bra Ken is taxing? You think he will be going to his 8 to 4, 3k a month, relaxed job, come home and come and cross his legs and wait till Coco Madamme comes home after 6pm, and after all the Board Meetings and Slay deals, and come and stand and cook, bathe the children and supervise homework? You might as well give birth to a wife for him in this 21st Century.

Whoa whoa whoa... Hol it Hol it Hol it... Before you go ballistic on me.... Did you not divorce his father for the same reason? How he won't lift a finger to save his life, how he doesn't help with anything, how his mother spoilt him and how it is draining you and all? Now you are grooming your son to be just like his father.

You can't break the cycle if you become over indulging to compensate him for his father's absence. Teach him delayed gratification, teach him to fix things for himself. Teach him to be a survivor. Teach him some DIY skills. This my mom says and let me run it by momma and all that, ain't working.

After all that you went through, the last thing you want is to raise a man who will put cooking and cleaning on top of his scale of preference because of his own inadequacies, when it come to choosing a life time partner. In this day where all of these services can be provided at a fee, you should be raising a son who will look for a wife with whom he can be great and be a power couple. I have seen men marry, 12 YARDS OF HOLLANDE WAX PRINT WIFE MATERIAL.

But they end up thinking, sharing and cheating with Satin and Silk Material Girls. One is good for the Glitz and glam and the other is for Home business.

I am talking to you, single moms with boys. I am talking to you moms with emasculated husbands and growing sons. I am talking to you strong women playing the role of quasi family heads. I am talking to you sister.

Fix him to be a better man. Pampering and over compensation only raises a man with an expectation that his wife may never meet.

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