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Aug 27, 2018 | News & Events

Kantanka Cars; Gov’t Charges GHC25,000 As Duty Per Purchase

Kantanka Family group
Kantanka Family group

One major challenge with vehicles imported into Ghana is the cost involved in clearing them from the ports.

Most vehicle importers become overwhelmed with the clearing cost which they may have not anticipated to be such high either due to misinformation or no information at all about the clearing cost forcing disappointed importers to abandon vehicles at the ports due to their inability to raise funds to clear their vehicles.

Many however believed that Kantanka cars which is produced locally in Ghana would have been cheaper for an average Ghanaian to purchase.

Yet the question is about what determines the inflated price of a kantanka car and the answer is simply put Government of Ghana. understand that the price of Kantanka Mensah, a brand new 2.4 AT sedan car for example is GHC115,000, as at now, the price Kantanka Automobile believes many Ghanaians can afford.

But to get you informed government is charging GHC25,000 as duty tax on every kantanka car purchased making it difficult for competition on the local market.

According to the CEO Of Kantanka Automobile Ltd, Kwadwo Safo jnr, the company has sent letters to past and current governments about a simple tax waiver but proves futile.

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