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Opinion | Aug 8, 2018

A Nagging Woman Is A Man’s Poisonous Meat

Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee  
A Nagging Woman Is A Man’s Poisonous Meat

The world for some time now had descended heavily on women in certain spheres of their lives due to the immensity of contributions they put forth to compliment that of men. There is a colossal chronicle of such events which is normally seen prior the consummation of a marriage. The rite is climaxed with a thorough one-on-one consultation by the bride's parents, elders and even the long forgotten ancestral mores, so as to coach her on how to satisfy her husband with an impeccable and defensive approach. Still and all, more emphasis is put on these two qualities which are the bride’s cooking nimbleness and sexual appetizers. The print media was however awash not long ago with an elderly woman discharging ‘1000 sense' into her daughter who is being married, to aptly dispense it to her husband thenceforth. Tacitly, those drives are needed in any successful marital home.

In my candid view, I think a reversed consultation about womanhood had to be tabled out to the bridegroom for month’s altogether before the engagement rite is held. Some men are less concerned about the latent qualities of womanhood, so it appears despicable when those unknown attitudes of theirs loomed, and one of such is ‘nagging'. If you dialogue with our ancestors in a dream they would not mince words but rather be frank with you that no matter the amount of gifts you would vouchsafed to an ideal woman, it will never calm her nagging consciousness. If you may have deliberately promised your little daughter a gift before; I hope you were cognizant of how she held you responsible, even though the vow was intended to compromise her robust decision of following you to work or perhaps, to lure her not to cry to school. Then why have men forgotten that she cometh from her mom? Instead, we emplace unsound actions, most at times in the ‘brain’s eye’ of a man; he would harbour a lofty winks and cheeky responses to outwit his wife's shrewdness. The most heinous abhorrence in this 21st Century is to deny your wife her position and to earn a standing ovation from your myopic comrades for doing so.

After a sound rethought, most of the real gifts any woman would ever hanker from a man are a fond love, avoid enslaving her, attending to her needs and be a responsible man by taking into consideration any contention she may bring to fore. These are priceless but recurrent privileges that the modern man had lost track of. How would a flirtatious man behaved when he is married to a ‘nagging woman'? It is sad and unrealistic; his cooperation in this relationship would be mean because his nerves would guesstimate that the woman is not ideal or too garrulous! I hate you, as it is famously said! The woman’s ploy would be the Schwarzenegger’s faction per the man; she would constantly witch-hunt any other woman he talks to, peeps through his phone, feel bad when she serves diner and the man does not consumes it, and she would probably police the man when he starts coming home late at night. The man would always get exasperated and at his worst misdemeanour, he would consider his wife as that “Poisonous Meat” on his soup, ‘you see'!

Until recently, the case that has triggered venomous spleens from social media handlers was the incident that got Ms. Akosua Sarfowaa; a five-month old pregnant woman into jail. News unfolded that her husband was a real Casanova who could not kept his eyes from other people’s meat, but was on the spree of pay-as-you-go! His wife reacted when she caught them in the scene and was more enraged when the lady wore her clothes; the bout which ensued got her sentenced to two years imprisonment. Yes, so the man is or would be happy to some extent because he could now enjoy free flow of goods! I do not understand why a woman who nags must perchance be a man’s poisonous meat! We know that the future of one’s children depend wholly on his wife after God. So if you want to succeed; you must get that nagging woman who would harass your thoughts, critique your ways to sanitize your ill-motives and even the right things you have not done yet! A nagging woman could save his husband from any mental derailment because she can act as the fortress against the devil and not as being perceived as men’s weakness! More so, she has the power of grooming their kids to be more successful than their dad. Austerity is tied to her because she could dissent her husband’s decision for investing in any shoddy deal which could plunge them to bankruptcy. She will definitely give you that push you require to galvanise and flesh your skeletal ideas. Nonetheless, when your wife nags about wordily affairs and her wrangle is to deprive you of the attainment of a godly life then surely she is a real poisonous meat!

Biblically, Prophet Ibrahim (as) and Sarah were engaged for over 100 years. The only time the obvious books mentioned that both of them doubted their ability is when they were told of bringing forth a progeny into the world. There was no technology at the time unlike the prevalence of iPhone, hangout and Facebook. The intrinsic value of their relationship is that anytime affection being is mentioned then get to know that our ancestors and their loved ones are inextricable. Perversely, Pharaoh's approach to quench his wife’s (Asiya) whinnying was to crucify her. She was a ‘pious nagger'; because she had found truth in the message professed by Prophet Moses (as) and she affirmed her faith in God Almighty. If today, technology has presented us with all the privileges that even when you are away, you could still fraternise with your family back home. Your thoughts are savage if you do not stop perceiving your wife as always being a nagger and thus, a poisonous meat! That is why today most marital homes are stumbling and on the brink of collapsing!

If it is our wish that women should be quiet in times of need, ideally, women hate silence when it is time to talk! The first job for women on earth which has been endorsed by the Allah since time immemorial is the “Home-Making Profession”. Have you ever asked yourself which university awards such degree? It is just natural, and because it demands no schooling, it is the prerogative of a woman to strategically mould it in their rightful sense how it would instil God’s tranquillity into the family. That is why nagging cannot be left out! And to modify it our elders have said that a woman who has no teeth is left to the lions. Are you expecting your wife to sing praises and hymns for you when she sees you strolling with thou fornicatress, and buying drinks for other women, meanwhile you are not the one who provides ‘chop-money’ at home! Consider if she is the one who fends for you!

Be grateful that your wife had God in heart; she is never the nagging type but being vociferous on a good course because you are not performing your duties at home. A nagging woman would put you on your toes than a reticent wife; whose first line of action would be broken heart and finally a divorce. It would be prudent if we grow up without emulating that self-acclaimed knowledgeable man who tested the depth of the water with both feet and the river drowned him. The choice is ours!

© Abdur Rahman Odoi Anum Pobee
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