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Read This Before Your Next Prayer - A Secular Necessity

By Ike Essoun
Photo credit- Unsplash
Photo credit- Unsplash

Prayer, everybody's act of communicating with his or her object of worship, is a very important tool in the lives of human beings, you and I and everyone else inclusive. So we pray in times of need. Some think it shows spirituality; others believe it shows piety. Other people even think it is a mark of holiness.

But whether true or false, I believe the most important aspect of it is the results it produces. Some pray and get results; others do and see nothing. On the part of the latter, whose fault is it? Is it God's? Is it theirs? Read on and find out the secret behind this.

Truth is one, dear one. And I will never hide it from you. It is not just enough to simply pray in your room or in the church. It is not enough to join other believers and pray your heart out. It is not enough to go and see your man of God to pray for you. This is not exactly that which will bring the answer. Most of us also try to apply faith. In fact, faith is absolutely indispensable in prayer if only we want answers. But it is not enough to pray in faith only. If you love truth, then I need to let you know that, another indispensable element in prayer is the state of our hearts. It is as important as faith!

We want miracles. We want healing. We want prosperity, and even long life. We pray in faith. We fast, yet our hearts are dirty. We will not get answers. We pray in tongues. We pray very hard. We even cry to God, yet we have possessions and we don't help the poor. God will not answer. We move from places to places, even from our own churches to other churches. We meet people who say they're prophets of God. They take our monies and give us directions to follow, yet some of us are committing adultery. Our prayers are useless.

So as you can see, it is actually not a matter of religion. It is not about how powerful your man of God is. This is a secular necessity. Even if you get results by virtue of the faith of your man of God, the problem will persist still if you keep on doing what causes it. Generally, it is sin that causes almost all the problems we face in life. So when you pray and you want answers, search your heart diligently, and let God remove every bit of dirt (and I mean sin) from it, and then, apply faith. This is the secret to answers to prayer. For such prayers, even if the answer tarries, it will surely come.

Are you a real believer who is saved from sin? Do you have true love in your heart for your brother? Do you find it difficult to forgive when you're offended? Do you visit the needy and the poor and do them good? If all is right in our hearts, we may not even need to go and see our man of God or any person who calls himself prophet to pray for us. We are also believers. We are also children of God. We would simply have to pray and apply simple faith. And that is how the answers will come. May the good LORD be with you as you ponder on this. Amen.

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