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The Secrets Behind Facebook Likes

Jul 27, 2018 | Ike Essoun
The Secrets Behind Facebook Likes

FACEBOOK has recently become a very popular social media website. And it is the most highly populated and fastest growing platform worldwide. It's been able to bring the world very close to people, and helped significantly in the dissemination of information and entertainment around the globe.

You and I are users thereof. We write posts, we interact with people, and people react to our activities, mostly by 'Liking'. But truth is, Facebook causes most of its users emotional problems which must be consciously avoided. And I believe this is worth sharing with you.

The first truth is that, Facebook causes you to over-judge how happy you think other people are, and this leads to self underestimation, and even depression. You need to understand that everyone tries to look their best when taking a photo. And in about 92 percent of the photos and videos your friends post (as per my personal observation and estimation), the smiles they wear on their faces are worn during that shot. Whenever you see that photo, you tend to think they're still smiling. No they are not still smiling. Maybe they are even crying that particular moment.

The way they are feeling in that moment is not even the most important issue here, but the way you sometimes try to react. After liking or loving the photo, you also try to post a similar photo to look as good as him or her, in order to win 100k likes like them. Is that important at all? Are we trying to challenge them? Sometimes we write articles and post news. And we try to sound very ridiculous and provocative all in the name of likes. Is that important after all?

The bottom line is that you cannot win each Facebook user's reaction to your posts. Even if you boost a particular post, you may reach the required number of audience, but not every one of them would react. But the truth is that they will appear in your news feed, and each one of your friends who goes online will see them. As at 10 or 15 likes that you think only few people have seen your post, in reality, about 1k friends have viewed it. All of them can't react, remember. So keep calm. Don't feel any pressure. And don't post what you need not post because of 'Likes'. Don't post lies. If you aren't happy and you post a picture to deceive people about your real feelings, that does not automatically make you happy.

If you post truth, keep on posting it. Not all thumbs will hit the 'Like' button, but all eyes that need to see it will see it. Only be real.

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