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July 22, 2018 | Spirituality & Religion

Why Must you Marry/Date Someone who has a Relationship with God

Rex Krampa
Why Must you Marry/Date Someone who has a Relationship with God

Jane: Why must you marry/date someone who has a relationship with God?

Me: there are at least three reasons

1. Because of the definition of love

What is love? To ask such a question, one must assume love has a definition. Or perhaps wonder about the question. Well, we’re interested in what we wonder about most of the time. Say, what does this look like?

God, through the person and work of Jesus Christ, gave us His definition of love. And those who have accepted Him were drawn by this definition. In effect, they tend to display it by the help of the Holy Spirit.

Let’s note that God’s definition of anything, in reality, is superior to any other definition because of who He is— the definer of everything in reality.

2. Because of the knowledge of who they are

If God is the definer of everything in reality then what is His ultimate definition in this reality? It is us. We, humans, are His ultimate definition in this reality; we are what we are because of who God is. Hence, the knowledge we have of ourselves depends on the knowledge we have of God. Jesus Christ made God known to us by restoring the relationship God once had with us because we lost it through that relationship. Thus, in that relationship, we come to know who God is (through the Holy Spirit) and who we are through Him.

3. Because of their shortcomings.

As we continue to pursue the knowledge of God, we experience how He continuously loves us even with our shortcomings. His unconditional love teaches us how to love others despite their shortcomings.

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