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Jul 13, 2018 | Health & Fitness

Simple Healthy Drinks For Weight Loss

By Icliniq
Simple Healthy Drinks For Weight Loss

Lemon and honey water
This might be one of the most traditional methods which never fails to deliver. The combination of lemon’s acidic effects and the honey’s cooling effects make it the perfect combination of a weight loss drink in the morning. Along with helping with your weight loss, it also helps you refresh.

Coffee and lemon shot
Coffee by default is the powerhouse for caffeine. Hence it becomes the best friend for people who are looking to working out. Take a shot of lemon with your espresso before starting your workout. This will help in activating your metabolism and get you ready.

Rasp berry or strawberry mint water
Berries are usually a package of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. This makes them an excellent choice while considering weight loss. A combination of berries, mint and water is very refreshing and provides the energy to keep you movin

Tumeric milk
Turmeric is said to have the capacity to affect your genes directly. It helps keep your body flexible while controlling fat retention in your cells as well.

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