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Mentrual Attitude And What Men Need To Understand

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LISTEN JUN 20, 2018
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Ladies, I honestly think it’s about time we call a spade a spade and hit the nail right on the head with our “issues” within our periods.

While 50% ladies are fortunate enough to have a painless menstrual flow, the other 50% (including myself) are left to battle with emotional meltdowns and mood swings, anger, the abdominal pains, nags and even hospitalization which is no fun at all!

Menstrual pain is quite common with most individual cycles, followed by the awkward introverted silence others adopt in their periods and the cry baby situations some sisters get into.

I personally battle with anger (mainly due to cramps); awkward silence and over thinking in my cycle which honestly was a big issue in my household [don’t judge me].

I hadn’t realized this at the beginning till my attention was drawn to it by a sibling who could not understand how I was my normal loving self for three weeks per month and suddenly turn a cold unwelcoming nag for a week. I put myself under study and concluded that it was all related to my periods.

I honestly wish I was exaggerating right now! my menstrual attitude put a lot of stress on my relationships and my people [mostly males] found me unaccommodating and gradually cut ties with me, with the perception that I had a nasty habit and my partner was no different..

Well, I couldn’t blame him though! I probably would have thought same. I developed ways to keep the pressure under control and made my partner and sibling understand the whole phase and exactly what it does to me.

I taught myself to stay calm in that period, listen more, talk less and keep to myself when the intensity of the cramps makes me want to blow up in someone’s face. It may look a bit weird but I just want to believe that I’m not the only one with this particular menstrual attitude [good thing is, I don’t get hospitalized like others].

Menstrual attitude can literally be a menace in our relationships and everyday life if not managed and controlled properly. The earlier we [attitude victims] embrace it and made the people around us understand, the better it would be for us all.

Dude, When your woman suddenly picks up unnecessary quarrels with you, gets upset, sad or begins nagging unnecessarily, it could be that she’s either in or getting closer to having her period [or because of something you’ve done..Lol].

This is not the time to pick up on her nags to create a never ending argument; try to understand what she’s going through, pamper and care for her like never before and you’ll notice certain significant changes in your relationship. You have all got to know and understand your partner thoroughly in order to understand this very normal situation [that’s if she falls under the 50% of women with this problem].

I know it’s hard to get all this but that’s just about it, don’t get too hard on us we seem a little too hard cope with; it’s the price we pay for being the “womb carriers.”

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