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May 28, 2018 | Men Health

Men; Take Some Responsibility For Your Own Semen

By Kojo Osei-Ghansah
Photo culled from
Photo culled from

Most men don't care where they deposit their 2 millions sperms.

So long as it is accompanied by an orgasm... They don't mind.

They only catch feelings when it joins with an egg

Then all of a sudden they have opinions and suggestions and rules and laws and a freaking conscience

Now all of a sudden.. a baby is the important and delicate thing in the world...

This is how you can veiw abortions...
It's a woman.. getting rid of her egg...and your sperm is tagging along.

If it bothers you that much...
Come get your sperm
Or better still... Dont leave it everywhere
Take some responsibility for your own semen...
Wear a condom
Buy some spermicide
Ask her if she is in her safe period
Ask her if she has taken her contraceptive or if she remembered to go for her depo provera shots.

And if you make a mistake. Have the decency to tell her to take some after sex pills. Or buy them for her.

If you are leaving your sperm with a woman.. make sure you have discussed if she is interested in keeping it and growing it.

Don't surprise her with a pregnancy. That thing is not funny.

And if both of you are caught off guard.. respect her right to not be prepared to have a child.

You can collect it and keep it in a test tube if you want. Since we are all suggesting ways to keep the baby alive.

Why don't you do that.. then go for the baby 9 months later and raise it.

Your sperm is your single most important contribution to the 9 Months struggle that is coming up ahead.

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