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18.05.2018 Touch Of Thoughts

Can You Be Trusted With Greatness?

By Lois Impact Osae Badiako
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Women are destiny carriers and protectors, at the same time they can be destiny destroyers. Women have been made with so much uniqueness and power in our world. Before any great person enters our world, a woman has to birth such a person.

Destinies are formed in the wombs of women and greatness is designed by their hands.

Naturally, a woman is someone who is trusted with life, to nurture it, keep it and bring it to this world and groom it right from its birth.

All great people we have seen or will ever see come from women. All the worst people the world has seen also are handled at a point in their lives by a woman. Jesus, Abraham, Jacob, Solomon, Hitler, Idi Amin and all presidents came into existence through a woman.

As a woman, can you be trusted with destinies? If a great person is going to be born by you, do you have the capacity to feed them with the right ideas or thoughts and help groom them into greatness? What do you have that you can pass on to the next generation?

Will you let go off a generation’s inventor because you are not ready to be a mother? You need to develop an attitude and mindset that you are a carrier of destinies and greatness so generations will depend on you to ensure their great people are brought up well.

You must have good training and a good understanding of life to offer and help groom people that come your way. If the Saviour of a generation is to come through you can you preserve and mould such a person into who they are needed to be? If a destroyer of a generation is to pass through your hands can you be that woman who grooms such a person out of evil intent and save the world?

Dear Woman, think deeply about these things. Whether you are a mother or you are yet to become a mother understand that you were naturally created with the ability to carry and nurture destinies. It’s a role that you have been assigned by default and I believe it’s also a spiritual role that has been given to you. So that even if you do not experience the physical carrying of destinies, you must understand you posses that ability to carry and bring forth from you greatness in the form of ideas, innovations and contributions to your world.

You must live a purposeful life, ready to build yourself at every opportunity and be full of knowledge and wisdom. Be a woman who is confident of her abilities to nurture anyone they are given the opportunity to raise or lead into becoming powerful and influential people in society.

By extension know that anybody you meet in your life, must not leave without your refining touch releasing them to become great people. When people come across you, may they experience a desire or encouragement to become better people or to release their potentials,

May they not leave as bitter or angry people. If you have children start seeing your role in their lives as the one God is going to need to raise them into the people they are supposed to be. You must live life with this understanding and purpose

God bless you

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