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May 16, 2018 | Lifestyle

Would You Consider A Tattoo Session For Guests At Your Wedding Reception?

By Modern Ghana
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How weddings are conducted has evolved over time and one trend I’m yet to witness in Ghana is one that has a free tattoo session at the reception.

Yes you clearly heard me- A tattoo session as a wedding favour.

And don’t think it’s far from happening here.

In the US and probably elsewhere, tattoo sessions at wedding receptions is almost becoming a trend.

Here’s what happens, as part of the wedding planning, a tattooist is hired to tattoo on guests and the couple as part of the celebration to make it more memorable.

A recent story on Newyork Times details beautifully how a couple who hired a tattooist and planned for only a few of the 400-plus guests to get small tattoos ended up working on more guests

Nytimes also tells of a tattooist who has branded himself as a wedding tattoer- someone specifically hired to hold tattoo sessions at weddings.

Do you see this becoming a trend in Ghana anytime soon especially against the backdrop of all these baby shower, pre-wedding photo shoot among others that I trending now?

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