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May 16, 2018 | Health & Fitness

From The Expert: Variety Of Possible Causes Of Infertility In Women

By Dr Oyebade Abalola Jerry
Photo credit- iStock
Photo credit- iStock

1) Age – fertility decreases after age 30, decreases more after 35, and practically plummets after age 40.

2) Underweight or overweight – women with Body Mass Indexes over 30 and under 20 are less likely to get pregnant. Ideal BMI is between 20 and 30.

3) Hormonal changes – some health problems cause hormonal changes, which can cause decreased fertility or infertility.

4) Miscarriages – the more miscarriages a woman has, the less likely she may be to get pregnant

5) Sexually transmitted diseases – can affect a woman’s reproductive system.

6) Fibroids or endometriosis – depending on how advanced the disease is.

7)Pelvic inflammatory disease – can cause problems for women who can’t get pregnant

B) Common Causes of infertility for Men:
1) Age – but a woman’s age affects her ability to get pregnant more than a man’s age.

2) Warm temperatures for testes – laptop computers and “tighty whities” (close fitting underwear) can affect sperm production, motility, and count.

3) Prescription medications – can affect sperm and prevent pregnancy.

4) Testicular abnormalities – such as varicocoeles can damage or eliminate sperm

C) Causes of infertility for Both Men and Women:
1) Environmental toxins – pesticides, lead, and even common household cleansers can contribute to problems getting pregnant.

2) Career stress – can lead to physical and emotional problems getting pregnant.

3) Recreational drug use
4) Poor diet, no exercise
5) Radiation treatments for cancer
6) Smoking – does not increase fertility and can be a cause of infertility for men and women

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