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May 8, 2018 | Home & Food

Healthy Peas Recipe For 6-8 Months Old Babies

By Maame Tiwaa Dadson
Photo credit - Maame Tiwaa Dadson
Photo credit - Maame Tiwaa Dadson

Peas are typically recommended for introduction into a baby's diet between 6-8 months old. Some starts at 4 months. it is recommended that you thoroughly discuss any feeding issues with your pediatrician.

Steam or boil peas in a scant amount of water.
1: Always remember to wash hands
2: Place fresh peas into a steamer basket in a pan with a just enough water to slightly show through in the basket.

3: Steam or boil until very tender.
4: Reserve any left over water to use for thinning out the peas.or you can add breastmilk to it.

5: Let it sit for a while to cool down then blend. Pea skins are rather difficult to completely puree. Using a blender rather than a food processor or stick mixer might be better as well.

6: transfer them into the small baby containers. Freeze them. It can be freeze for a month but I prefer one week.

7: thaw overnight...simply take out the food, thaw and then reheat.It's ok to microwave food in a mug or a pyrex bowl. Please don't use plastic bowl to warm food it causes cancer. or boil a hot water and leave container in it till food is warm enough for baby. Or on the stove, not for long.

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