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She Says She Will Kill Herself If I Leave Her

By Daily Graphic
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I am 28 and she is 23. We met about two months ago. I proposed to her and she accepted but she told me that she is in a relationship with someone although she is not happy with him. The guy lives in Accra while we both live in Kumasi.

She said anytime she called the guy to find out how he is feeling, he would hurl insults at her. He is stingy too.

She has tried to break up with him but it's hard just because she got to know him through her uncle's wife. Anytime she informs her uncle's wife about what's going on, she says she will talk to him but nothing happens.

She told me that she loves me and she will poison herself if I leave her. Should I wait for her to break up with the guy? I also don't want to lose her.

Nomore, Kumasi

Dear Nomore, why does your woman need the permission of her aunt to break up with this man if she is not happy with him?

She is hoping her aunt can speak to the guy on her behalf. So it seems she wants to use you as a sure banker in case the other relationship does not work. Shine your eyes.

I can understand that she thinks her uncle and his wife will be upset but then that is not excuse enough. What she needs to do is explain her situation as clearly as possible to them and tell them what she is going through.

Nobody who has the interest of a loved one at heart will want her to be hurt.

If you also do not want to lose her then you have no option but to wait till she breaks up with her man. If she claims to love you to the point of death as she claims, then she will make the right decision eventually.

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